7 Fabulous Dresses from Modcloth for the Holiday Season ...


7 Fabulous Dresses from Modcloth for the Holiday Season ...
7 Fabulous Dresses from Modcloth for the Holiday Season ...

I absolutely adore all of the dresses from Modcloth, and I am especially in love with their holiday dresses. I am a woman who practically collects dresses. I wear them all year long, and just add tights and a sweater for cooler weather. Since my daily life is fairly casual, I usually wear casual dresses, but when the festive season hits I get to dress up in one of the many holiday dresses from Modcloth.

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Moderne to Wear Dress

Moderne to Wear Dress This dress is one of the many perfect holiday dresses from Modcloth. The navy blue paired with the white beading reminds me of a starry winter sky. The art deco beading is both sophisticated and fun, which makes it a very versatile dress. I also love that it can be hand washed, because, let’s face it, finding time to go to a dry cleaner during the holidays can be very difficult. With that one note of practicality aside, this dress is absolutely fabulous.

Price: $ 89.99 at modcloth.com


Soiree Anything Dress

Soiree Anything Dress If you have a very special occasion to attend this holiday season, this is the dress for you. I absolutely fell in love with this dress when I saw it, but I don’t have anywhere to wear it and can’t justify buying it only to have it sit in my closet. However, I can imagine how beautiful it would look at a black-tie, winter wedding or at a fancy New Year’s Eve party. The sheer black lining and gold flowers are stunning, as is the beautiful V-line in the back. If you chose to wear this elegant dress to a fancy event you would surely make quite an entrance!

Price: $419.99 at modcloth.com


Fancy Prance Dress

Fancy Prance Dress This dress gives new meaning to winter white! The pure white fabric looks like freshly fallen snow, and the black embroidery with crystals provides a fancy touch. If you are like me and love to wear a dress with movement, the chiffon fabric and swirly skirt will be just your thing! This dress would be perfect for a night at the ballet or a romantic holiday dinner. The stylists at Modcloth recommend pairing it with black tights and heels, which I think would provide just the right amount of elegance and warmth for winter.

Price: $89.99 at modcloth.com


Coffee Shop Crooner Dress

Coffee Shop Crooner Dress If body skimming dresses are your thing, this dress is for you. The high neckline and long sleeves paired with the black lace make the dress both sexy and elegant. You will be showing just enough skin while still remaining tasteful. Although I am not typically drawn to tighter dresses, this dress is such a perfect black dress that it can appeal to many different styles. Pairing it with little booties and a leather jacket would give it a little edge, while heels would be perfect for those of you who prefer classic styles. I would probably lean more toward pairing it with heels, but that is just me.

Price: $52.99 at modcloth.com


A Glance of Elegance Dress

A Glance of Elegance Dress The rich burgundy color of this dress makes it perfect for the holidays, and the lace is right on trend. I would wear this dress to a holiday cocktail party or a fancy dinner with friends. Aside from being a beautiful holiday dress, one of the great things about this dress is how affordable it is. For just $49.99 you can have a fantastic dress for the holidays that will make all your friends envious! If I didn’t already have too much burgundy in my closet I would certainly pounce on this dress!

Price: $49.99 at modcloth.com


Dessert and Drinks Dress

Dessert and Drinks Dress How wonderful is this dress? The cute black collar is removable, so you can choose to wear it simple or make it a little funky with the collar. The gold color of the dress is very festive for the holidays, and, because gold is a neutral color and the dress has a simple cut, you can pair any accessories you wish with this dress. I think I would wear a shiny black belt with open toe black heels. What about you?

Price: $64.99 at modcloth.com


Aviary Engagement Dress

Aviary Engagement Dress This dress is sophisticated and elegant with the teal and gold paired together, and the peacock feathers provide a touch of whimsy. A dress like this really speaks for itself, so you will want to keep your accessories very simple. I don’t think I would even wear a necklace with it, but I would wear a simple pair of earrings and possible some ankle strap shoes. I don’t usually wear prints, but this is so beautiful and so ideal for the holidays that I would wear it in a second. If you are like me and tend to be a little more understated, this is a great dress to stretch your wings and wear something a little bolder!

Price: $54.99 at modcloth.com

All of these dresses are so beautiful that I wish I could have them all. Of course, that is not possible. However, everyone needs one new dress for the holidays, so I am not out of luck. I hope you found a dress in this selection that you can wear to your holiday event. What events do you need to dress up for this holiday season?

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