7 of the Least Practical Fashion Trends That Ever Existed ...


Some of the most popular fashion trends can also be some of the least practical fashion trends. Fashion has a reputation for being frivolous and impractical at the best of times so it’s no surprise that some trends totally throw function out the window. Sure, some fashion trends might look great on the runway, but how well do they translate into the real world? Take a look at this list of some of the least practical fashion trends to have ever existed.

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Jumpsuits/Overalls Jumpsuits, playsuits, overalls, dungarees, onesies – basically anything that makes it difficult to go to the toilet will make the list of least practical fashion trends ever. Designers and trendsetters might make jumpsuits and overalls look effortless, but in practice they can be much trickier to pull off. As long as jumpsuits and overalls are trending, we’ll be forever watching our fluid intake and practicing our escape routes.


Shoulder Robing

Shoulder Robing Apparently, putting your arms inside the sleeves of a jacket or coat is so last season. If you’ve visited a street style blog in the past year or so, you would have noticed a trend for fashionistas to robe or drape their coats over their shoulders, leaving the sleeves completely empty. Shoulder robing is definitely one of those trends that leaves us scratching our heads. Just carrying off this look is a precarious balancing act and any exaggerated arm movements could quickly lead to your coat falling off its perch.


Wedge Sneakers

Wedge Sneakers Wedge sneakers are definitely one of the least practical fashion trends around. Sure, it’s sport luxe, but aren’t sneakers meant for physical activity? It must be pretty difficult to pick up the pace while tip toeing around in a pair of wedge sneakers.


Non-prescription Glasses

Non-prescription Glasses For some people glasses are a requirement. However, for a while there being a ‘four eyes’ was oh so trendy. It seemed like a pair of glasses, particularly of the thick-rimmed hipster variety, was the latest must-have fashion item. People with 20/20 vision resorted to wearing non-prescription glasses in order to rock the latest trend. So I guess it was more of a case of ‘faux eyes’ than ‘four eyes.’



Capes Capes look charming but how practical are they, really? Sure, they can make an ordinary outfit look that extra bit polished but you’re really choosing fashion over function when you opt to wear a cape. They often don’t have arm holes and you can kiss goodbye to wearing a handbag over your shoulder.


Crochet Swimsuits

Crochet Swimsuits Crochet swimsuits gained popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, and the recent vintage revival has seen them come back into fashion. However, the ‘swimsuit’ part of the name is quite misleading. Crochet swimsuits aren’t really designed for wearing in the water at all. Better just leave them for lying out by the pool in.


Shutter Shades

Shutter Shades Shutter shades have actually been around for some time, but their popularity hit epic proportions a few years ago when Kanye West started wearing them. Soon it felt like you couldn’t go to a music festival without seeing shutter shades at every turn. Most don’t even function as sunglasses as they don’t protect eyes from UV radiation.

These are just some fashion trends that seem to take no heed of practicality. It’s definitely a case of trendsetters choosing fashion and form over function. Can you think of any other impractical fashion trends?

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I don't understand why people wear non-prescription glasses. I feel they are trying to hard.

No high heels are practical. SAVE YOUR ANKLES!!

I actually wear wedged sneakers, not for running but more for the comfort and the stability. They also can be very fashionable and perfect for school ;)

Bodysuits really are a pain when you need the bathroom. Hahah. I actually like wedge sneakers.

Don't don't go on. You like this then I don't understand either why people wear non-prescription glasses. I feel like they need to be dad.

My boyfriend wear stylish fake glasses to protect his eyes from the pollen in the spring. They really suit him and his eyes don't get all red and swollen

Umm.. No just no

I like wedges!! My science professor wears dem and she is very fashionable!

What When sneak is yeah

Wedge sneakers

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