7 of the Least Practical Fashion Trends That Ever Existed ...

Some of the most popular fashion trends can also be some of the least practical fashion trends. Fashion has a reputation for being frivolous and impractical at the best of times so it’s no surprise that some trends totally throw function out the window. Sure, some fashion trends might look great on the runway, but how well do they translate into the real world? Take a look at this list of some of the least practical fashion trends to have ever existed.

1. Jumpsuits/Overalls

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Jumpsuits, playsuits, overalls, dungarees, onesies – basically anything that makes it difficult to go to the toilet will make the list of least practical fashion trends ever. Designers and trendsetters might make jumpsuits and overalls look effortless, but in practice they can be much trickier to pull off. As long as jumpsuits and overalls are trending, we’ll be forever watching our fluid intake and practicing our escape routes.

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