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I'm currently in college, so I know how difficult it is to find outfits that you love. Especially if you go to college in an area with unpredictable weather, you have to have a wardrobe that's just as versatile as you are. If you're looking for versatile outfit inspiration, you're sure to find an outfit you love!

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Relaxed but Polished

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I loved this look because it looks casual enough, but it also looks put-together and chic!


Varsity Cardigan

clothing,sleeve,outerwear,fashion accessory,pocket, Source: Maroon varsity cardigan
Varsity cardigans scream college, but have you ever thought to wear yours with a pair of shorts? So different, but so cute!


Black and White

clothing,footwear,jeans,outerwear,tights, Source: These Boots Were Made for
As someone who goes to college in one of the most temperamental climates in the country, this outfit is perfect. The shirt is light enough if the weather gets warm, but the longer sleeves and vest will help keep you warm if you need it. The black leggings are comfortable but cute, and the boots will save you from any rainstorms you get stuck in!


Plaid and Herringbone

clothing,outerwear,fashion,jacket,pattern, Source: Community Post: 23 Clothing Items
I never thought to pair herringbone and plaid together, but it's such a chic outfit to pull together, and the Hunter boots just add another cute element to it!


Blue Statement Necklace

necklace,jewellery,fashion accessory,chain,gemstone, Source: Community Post: 23 Clothing Items
Any boring outfit can instantly be jazzed up with a little help from a statement necklace, especially one as beautiful as this blue statement necklace is!


Mint Blouse

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Everyone knows I'm a sucker for mint, but I love everything else about this outfit as well. From the leggings to the mug and the glasses, and even the shoes, this is the perfect college outfit!


Easy Outfit

hair,clothing,person,woman,lady, Source: How to Care For Premium
You probably have the components for this outfit in your closet already! Just pair a simple tank top with a cardigan and jeans you'll have a beautiful and simple chic outfit!


Denim and Lace

hair,clothing,girl,lady,beauty, Source: 60 Cute College Outfit Ideas
Whether you're lucky enough to go to school in Florida or California, or you're just going on spring break soon, this outfit is perfect for you. The light-wash denim with white lace is such a fun outfit for either day or night, and it's especially perfect if you're in college!


Black, White, & Plaid

clothing,pattern,product,design,textile, Source: polyvore
I love how simple but cute this outfit is. It's really just a simple white t-shirt, black leggings, and a scarf, but the plaid jacket thrown over instantly adds something different to it!


Sweater over Denim

clothing,outerwear,sleeve,wool,pattern, Source: Pinterest Told Me To: LEGGINGS
I've been known to love a denim shirt, but for all of the years that I've worn them, I've never thought to throw a cardigan like this over it.


The on-the-Go Girl

clothing,product,sleeve,brand,pattern, Source: school prep
If you're the girl that's constantly on the go, you probably don't have a lot of time to put outfits together. However, this outfit lets you be stylish without taking up too much time!


Blush, Pearls, and Boots

clothing,footwear,sleeve,human body,outerwear, Source: Sorority Style
This blush top is so beautiful, especially in the spring, and especially paired with these simple pearl studs. To add a special bit of polish, these boots are so beautiful.


Simple Outfit with Fun Loafers

clothing,sleeve,outerwear,jeans,leather, Source: College Gloss: 4 Outfits to
This outfit is so simple, but the cheetah print loafers turn it into such a fun and polished look!


Bright Red Blazer

clothing,red,outerwear,fashion,dress, Source: Community Post: 23 Clothing Items
No matter what event you're going to, wearing a brightly colored blazer is a great way to make a statement.


Blouse and Glitter Skirt

clothing,blouse,sleeve,pattern,fashion, Source: Community Post: 23 Clothing Items
While you definitely need to find the right occasion to wear this skirt too, the skirt and blouse combination is so chic and classic.


Long White Blouse and Jeggings

clothing,footwear,fashion,outerwear,tights, Source: Student Discounts & Deals
This is one of those outfits that's the perfect summer to fall transition outfit. You can wear it when it's still warm but definitely becoming fall.


Easy Update

jeans,denim,clothing,sleeve,t shirt, Source: HCIU's Favorite D.I.Y Crafts From
Isn't it amazing what just tucking in a shirt and adding a belt can do to a super casual outfit!


Stripes and Cardigans

clothing,sleeve,outerwear,fashion accessory,leather, Source: Utility Candy Color Kit Cardigan
Striped shirts are basically a college essential, but adding a cardigan over that changes a typical college look!


Chic but Bundled up

clothing,footwear,fashion,shoe,outerwear, Source: Community Post: 23 Clothing Items
When you go to school in an area with cold weather, you know how difficult it is to stay warm but fashionable, and I think that this girl really nailed the look!


All-Black and Leather Boots

clothing,footwear,human positions,photo shoot,fashion, Source: The College Girl’s Book of
Leave it to Lauren Conrad to pull together a chic all-black outfit that I'd wear to class all the time if I could!


Bright Blue Statement

Fage,clothing,bag,product,footwear, Source: Rainy Class Ootd
This is such a simple outfit, but when you add these bright, blue Hunter boots, the entire outfit adds a little bit of jazz to a typical outfit.


Simple Outfit

clothing,footwear,tights,jeans,denim, Source: Classic College Looks Done the
This is one of those outfits that we all have in our closets already, and it looks so comfortable and perfect for spring or fall!


Army Green Blouse

clothing,outerwear,sleeve,brand,pocket, Source: Army green
If you just looked across your campus, you'd probably see a lot of girls wearing an army green jacket. However, how often do you see an army green blouse? I love the different twist on this classic college look!


Black Skirt, Gray Shirt, and Gold Sandals

bag,handbag,product,leather,brand, Source:
I love the geometric style of this skirt, the simple gray tank top, and most of all, these beautiful sandals with gold sandals. They just scream college to me!


Comfortable Sweater

clothing,fashion accessory,outerwear,footwear,fashion, Source:
This outfit looks so comfortable for sitting in class when you're exhausted on a Monday morning in the fall!

Where do you get your college outfit inspiration from? Let me know in the comments!

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In 17 is she wearing her shirt backwards in the after picture?

Going to the university like this ?!?! haha yeah sure dress trashy. No no no. University needs more preppy and casual look not shorts that show the butt. And please stop matching leggings with short shirts ! And the rain boots. The title would be better if it said : outfits for an AMERICAN college. Not for Europe.

In 17, she changed the neckline is a great website for college students. I agree shorts are not appropriate for high school and these outfits are pretty basic.

Gotta say I don't think much to leggings, they've completely lost their purpose and I don't think they should be worn on there own 😂 especially not when (commonly) there is a visible pant line!!

If you want to look basic enjoy this post !

On the go right here✋

The first outfit was so trashy it took me a while to come around to the rest, which are nice, despite the poor start.

I really do t understand the point behind extremely short shorts.. Showing off butt I guess.. For everyone.. Or lack of self worth

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