8 Amazingly Chic and Fabulous Tips for a Great Winter Style ...


8 Amazingly Chic and Fabulous Tips for a Great Winter Style ...
8 Amazingly Chic and Fabulous Tips for a Great Winter Style ...

Winter Style that keeps you warm and looks fabulous isn't always as easy as 1-2-3. There's so many issues that pop up! I hate static cling, despise bulky, shapeless sweaters, and simply cannot stand puffy coats that simply don't compliment your body type. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep your winter style graceful and charming-and still stay warm in the process! Please keep reading for my fabulous tips on winter style and ways you can rock it!

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Boot Logic

When it comes to winter style, I crave boots. No seriously! I probably own around 10 pairs and constantly want more! I live in a super cold climate though, so none of them suffer for attention. When you go to buy boots, think logically. You want a pair that will keep you warm and are comfy to walk in, but they don't have to look like farm boots. Go for shearling! It can be dressed up or down and is super warm. Look for a lower heel that you can be comfortable in as well.


Go Colorful

What's with all the black and brown coats? I understand bomber jackets or even a blazer, but winter is drab enough without bundling into a black overcoat! Pep up your winter style with a colorful red coat! Or green, or blue, or whatever color you love most! You'll be like a ray of sunshine on a drab and cold winter day!


Scarf Help

I adore scarves! And you can incorporate them into winter style in some of the most gorgeous ways! My advice is to look for knitted scarves during the coldest winter months. They will keep you warmer than cotton scarves, and knitted scarves add so much texture to anything from a leather jacket to a fitted blazer. Go crazy with color!


Hat Help

The only thing to despise about winter style when it comes to hats is hat hair! There's not really too much you can do about sadly. The only fix I've found is to choose a hat that you don't need to take off indoors! Beanies, berets and fedoras all fall into this category. Toboggans and other hats that fir similar to toboggans are hats you want to avoid unless you are skiing or sledding.


Keep Warm

I've seen so many girls wearing cute little coats that barely covered them up and shivering in the cold-all for fashions' sake. I'm here to tell you that you can look cute in a coat and stay warm at the same time! Opt for a long coat. They are really in right now and they do their part to keep you warm and snug. Make sure the fit is slim, and keep the fabric falling at the bottom of your calf. Balance the look out with heels and you're good to go!


Tips on Wearing down

Don't cross down off of your list for winter style completely. You CAN style it, just follow these tips. First, always opt for a neutral color, or a bold primary color. Never go with white or pastel. Your goal is sophistication! Second, always keep the cut short. Long down coats = not cute. And down vests are always chic and cute!


Go-to Outfit

My favorite tip on winter style is to always have a go-to outfit. This outfit can be what you pull out when everything you try on feels bulky and puffy and just too drab. My go-to outfit is leggings, a long sweater or cardigan belted at the waist and boots. Topped with a beanie and some dangly earrings I always feel super cute and in control!

Winter Style can be fun if you make it that way! By saying "no" to granny pants, shapeless sweaters, and huge puffy coats, you can open your mind to cute furry boots, knitted scarves and adorable patterned leggings! These are the things that make winter style awesome, so go for it! Also, remember, the best tip for winter style is to not neglect your skin. Just because it's covered up doesn't mean it's going to moisturize itself, so stay on it! Thanks for reading my article on Winter Style!

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I love this post! Really great info since I am not a winter lover and my winter fashion is just boots, jacket, and a scarf. I would LOVE to find a nice hat but nothing seems to fit right on my squarish head = /

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