9 Tip on How to Wear Animal Print ...


9 Tip on How to Wear Animal Print ...
9 Tip on How to Wear Animal Print ...

How To Wear Animal Print is a question that is always relevant. Animal prints are cyclical and are constantly in and out of fashion. It’s important then, that you now how to wear animal print depending on the season. While head to toe animal print is thought to be a universal no-no, there are a range of other helpful tips on how to wear animal print items. Take a look at a the following tips on how to wear animal print and let me know what you think.

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The Statement Bag

A statement bag is guaranteed to take your outfit up a notch or two. Choose one in a striking animal print to really let your wild side out. Rocking an animal print bag or clutch is a great way of adding some edge to a simple and refined outfit.



A cuff is an original yet sometimes overlooked way of how to wear animal print. Team an animal print cuff with an assortment of metallic or resin bangles to create an artfully stacked look. It’s a simple and effective way of getting an ‘arm party’ started.


The Dress

An animal print dress is a sure-fire way of making a statement. Depending on the type of print, you may want to vary your accessories accordingly. As a rule, the busier the print, the simpler you should keep your accessories. A shift-style animal print dress is your best bet this season.


Around Your Neck

When looking at how to wear animal print, you can’t go past a classic silk scarf. Team an animal print scarf with a flowing blouse, or wear it draped over a classic trench coat. This is an easy and effective way of adding some animal print to your outfit. It’s versatile and you can change up your scarf according to the season.


Tied up

An animal print scarf worn as a headband is a great way of adding a touch of animalia to your look. Wear your hair in a messy bun or ponytail, and tie the scarf leaving a bow detail to frame the face. This is a simple and funky way of wearing the trend.


Around Your Waist

Draw attention to your waistline with a chic animal print belt. A skinny belt is great for adding a subtle touch, while wider styles are much more dramatic. During the day, team an animal print belt with a cream shirt dress for a street-smart look. At night, pair your belt with a stylish LBD.


On Your Feet

Animal print shoes are hot property this season. They are also one of the easiest ways for how to wear leopard print. Choose a loafer style shoe for a preppy look, or ballet flats for something more classic. Stiletto styles are available to amp up your evening look, while ankle boots are perfect for the edgy fashionista. There’s a style of animal print shoe to suit all tastes.


The Animal Print Sweater

Stay cosy in the cooler months with an animal print sweater or cardigan. Look for those with larger prints, such as oversized leopard spots. Look for oversized styles that you can wear during the day with skinny jeans, flat buckled boots, and a floppy felt hat.


In Colour

Animal prints in pastel colours are a fun way to wear the trend. It’s a quirky take on the trend that has been popular with a range of fashion designers lately. It’s a little bit Flintstones, and a whole lot of cool.

Whether you prefer leopard print or zebra stripes, you can’t deny that this is a trend that will always be in the fashion spotlight in some form or another. It’s handy then that you know how to wear animal print items. What are your best tips on how to wear animal print?

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