8 White Cardigans for Fall ...

White Cardigans can be tricky to pull off-especially after labour day, when white clothing is a "no-no". But white cardigans CAN be worn during the fall, and more importantly are so cute to wear during the fall! I have hand-picked 8 of my favorite white cardigans for fall and listed them here for you to see. I know you'll find the perfect one if you keep on reading. These white cardigans and fresh and easy, comfy and casual, and best of all, affordable!

1. Beaded Shoulders Cardigan

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Price: $19.80 at forever21.com
This white cardigan is ideal for the office or a casual dress affair. I love the beading on the shoulders! It really dresses up the cardigan without taking away from its professional appeal for work. You'll love the lightweight material!

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