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When I get dressed in the morning, I want to look great, but I also want to be comfortable. There’s nothing worse than having to suffer an entire day in an ill-fitting pair of pants or a shirt that just won’t stay buttoned. Fortunately, there are lots of great ways to be comfy without giving up your fabulous style. Wondering what they are? You have come to the right place. Use these easy hacks and you’ll always be comfortable, whether you’re at the office, the movies or out with friends.

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Embrace the Elastic Waist Pants You Hate to Love

Ok, first of all, I’m not talking about granny jeans. There are lots of comfy pairs of pants that make good use of elastic in the waist. You definitely want to wear them with a stylish tunic or longish sweater so it’s not so obvious that you’re taking the day off from a tight waistband. Trust me – clothing designers know we ladies want comfort so there are loads of stretchy, yet stylish, waistbands on store shelves.


Try Clothes on for More than a Second or Two

If you’re the kind of girl who slaps on a new dress or pair of pants to make sure they fit, then you buy them, now is the time to change that. Instead, take a few minutes to bend over, sit down, walk around and generally just move about. It will become quite clear in that short amount of time whether the garment is going to work or if you know you’ll be adjusting it so there’s no question if it will be something you love so much you want to wear it every day.


Don’t Be Afraid to Rock a Sweatshirt

You can find loads of structured sweatshirts these days that almost look like formal wear. You can pair them with a great pair of skinny pants or a skirt for the office or just wear them with your favorite jeans for a more casual affair. You won’t look like you just rolled out of bed and threw on the first thing you found, but you’ll be warm and stylish, no matter where the day takes you.


Add a Printed Coat or Jacket to Your Closet

You can top a simple (and comfy) jeans and t-shirt look with a fab patterned coat or jacket and look polished and sophisticated while being weekend comfy all day long. This look is great for students or a casual day at work. You’ll still look like you put in some effort, but you’ll be so comfy you might have a hard time not taking a nap wherever you are.


Yes, You Can Wear Your Sneakers

I might not recommend this when you have a big presentation at work, but you can easily rock some sneakers with shorts, a skirt, even a dress if you want to. The trick is to making sure your kicks match what you’re wearing and that you are going to be hanging out somewhere sorta casual. Your feet are going to thank you, for sure!


Choose a Casual Suit and then Dress It up

Instead of suffering through the average day in a buttoned up business suit, try one that’s a little more flowing and comfortable. You can dress it up with a stylish bag, perfect accessories and a fab hair style and you’ll look ready for anything, any day of the week!


Do the Old Half Tuck for a Trendy Look

Shirts that are only half tucked in are trending right now, which means you can be comfy and still look on point. You can do the half tuck with a great structured tee or a more dressed up blouse for the office. You’ll love this trend, I guarantee it!

Which of these comfy looks is your favorite? What else would you add to the list?

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