9 Ways to Update Your Style for Spring ...

By Holly

9 Ways to Update Your Style for Spring ...

Not everything that was popular last Spring is going to be popular this Spring. Styles change. According to Seventeen, here are a few updates you should make to your wardrobe this season:

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1 Dresses

Dresses Make sure you buy a few strapless bras, so that you can rock this style right.

2 Shoes

Shoes It's time to bring flats back, because they can be super comfy!

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3 Colors

Colors Draw attention to yourself by wearing a bright orange the next time you go out.

4 Pants

Pants These might look a little funny at first, but you'll get used to them.

5 Bags

Bags These will help you achieve that boho style.

6 Prints

Prints Don't worry, because floral will always be in style.

7 Necklaces

Necklaces You don't need to wear anything fancy in order to make a statement.

8 Tops

Tops How sexy does this look?

9 Earrings

Earrings These will frame your pretty face.

What's your favorite clothing item to wear in Spring?

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Thank heaven I was never a trendy person and just do my own thing. These look hideous. I prefer classic.

Crop flares d

The lace up top was 2015 & 2016 Style

@Kris it's a good thing we each have our own individual style then, isn't it? Each to their own, I say.

Those crop flares are horrendous ..... I will not be rockin that trend 🙄

Agreed Megsly! Also, I'm not digging the fringe that's all over everything right now. Just recently bought some new flats and a convertible bra! So many cross-strap tops lately.

Were i live it still snows sometimes in spring so this won't be possible haha

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