7 Simple Ways to Accessorize a White Dress ...

Wondering how to accessorize a white dress? Although they can look stunning, the very simplicity of white dresses means that they can also look a bit dull. This is where accessories come in. There are lots of ways to accessorize a white dress, some of them obvious, others less so. So if you´re wondering how to accessorize a white dress, try these tips to look amazing …

1. Scarf

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You can´t have enough scarves in your wardrobe. That is my firm opinion! Scarves are wonderful accessories, as they come in an infinite variety of colours and patterns, and can be used in so many ways. So they´re the ideal way to accessorize a white dress. You can wear your scarf around your neck (and there are lots of ways to tie it), use it as a headband (think 1950s style), or even wear it as a belt.

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