7 Ways to Spice up a Basic Tee ...


7 Ways to Spice up a Basic Tee ...
7 Ways to Spice up a Basic Tee ...

You’ve already scoured the racks for the perfect summer-chic shirt, so here are some easy ways to wear that basic tee. Fashion mavens know that a simple white tee doesn’t have to be boring (really). With these 7 easy tips, you’ll be a style star without breaking the bank. I’d suggest you practice striking a pose now, ‘cause those street style bloggers are everywhere!

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Accessorize One amazingly easy way to wear a basic tee is to pile on the accessories. During the sultry summer months, I usually skip the bulky necklaces in favor of arm parties and statement earrings. And don’t forget to color your world with neon and patterned baubles.



DIY It Craft store, meet plain white tee. Don’t be afraid to spice up that shirt with sequins, paint, and more. If you can dream it, you can make it happen. I’d suggest hosting a DIY party if you’re a first-timer. This way, you can lean on your artsy pals for design help.


Borrow from the Boys

Borrow from the Boys Another edgy way to wear a basic tee is to mix it with menswear items like a sleek blazer and oxford shoes. One of my go-to weekend outfits consists of a tee, cuffed shorts, boat shoes, and a cardigan. Comfy yet oh-so-cute, you’ll make all the boys jealous (and grab their attention to boot!)


Add a Jacket

Add a Jacket A sexy little jacket can add some major oomph to your basic T-shirt. Whether it’s a blazer or lacey little number, it can make any ensemble instantly fabulous!


Pair It with a Skirt

Pair It with a Skirt A girly way to wear a basic tee is to pair it with a flirty skirt. I’m totally on board with the maxi skirt trend right now, especially when worn with a simple tee, cuff bracelets, and an oversized tote. But if you prefer leg-baring minis, flats and a jacket will keep your look appropriate for an afternoon shopping trip with the girls or lunch date with the beau.


Break out the Wedges

Break out the Wedges Wedges are marvelously trendy right now – and it’s not too hard to tell why. They’re comfy, chic, and make your legs look longer and leaner in a flash. I suggest investing in a neutral pair so you can show ‘em off everywhere.


Pair It with Prints

Pair It with Prints One of my favorite ways to wear a basic tee is to match it with printed pants. They’ll tone down your entire outfit (in a good way) and let your pants do the talking. Sometimes a basic shirt is meant to remain in the background and let your other pieces shine.

Now that you’re equipped with these 7 ways to wear a basic tee, get out there and have some fashion fun! Which tips do you plan to stick to? What are some of your own ways of styling a basic tee?

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I like to cut my t-shirts and knot them on the sides. It gives it a great grungy-chic look :)

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