7 Fashionable Accessories to Keep You Warm in the Cold ...


There are accessories to keep you warm when the weather gets rough and cold. You never want to sacrifice your warmth to look good. However, you can get kill two birds with one stone by wearing cute Winter accessories to keep you warm. If you don’t know what to buy, start here:

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Connected Hat and Scarf

Connected Hat and Scarf Instead of purchasing a hat and scarf separately, why not buy them together? Get a hat that is connected to the scarf, so you’ll never lose either piece. Having them stuck together is convenient, and it assures that they match perfectly. This is one (or two) of the accessories to keep you warm in even the coldest weather.


Touch Screen Gloves

Touch Screen Gloves You want to keep warm, but you also want to check your phone. With touch screen gloves, you don’t have to remove your gloves in order to use your touch screen. The fingertips are made of special material that allows you to use your phone through the gloves. It's a perfect solution to our modern day problems. If you don't have gloves that work well with technology, go buy some!


Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves You don’t need to stick to wearing one pair of gloves. When there are so many adorable options available, it’s difficult to pick only one. Invest in a few pairs of fingerless gloves with a flap. When you’re cold, they act as mittens. When you need to use your hands, the top gets removed and you can do as you’d like.


Headphone Earmuffs

Headphone Earmuffs Are you a music lover? Well, there are plenty of adorable earmuffs out there, and some of them are more functional than others. If keeping you warm isn’t good enough, you can purchase earmuffs that allow you to listen to music. A wire is attached to them that can plug into your phone or iPod. You’ll no longer have to choose between listening to tunes and keeping yourself warm.


Winter Boots

Winter Boots Fashion boots aren’t the only stylish boots out there. You can look just as amazing in a nice, sturdy pair of winter boots. They’ll protect you from the elements while keeping all eyes on you. Everyone will be asking you where you bought them, so have your answer ready.


Knit Headband

Knit Headband If you’re scared of a hat ruining your hairdo, you can at least wear a warm headband. You’ll keep yourself warm without giving yourself hat hair. The best part? You can keep it on all day. It’s a fashionable item, so there’s no need to remove it once you venture indoors. Wear it for as long as you’d like, and no one will mind.


Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy Socks Some accessories are for your eyes only. If you keep your shoes on, no one will see your fuzzy socks, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for something plain. Buy socks that are warm, with designs on them that’ll make you smile. You should be dressing to impress yourself, anyway. It doesn’t matter if the world is oblivious to your fashion sense. All that matters is that you know how stylish you are.

It’s never fun to catch a cold. In order to avoid sickness, you should keep yourself bundled up whenever you leave the house. What’s your favorite thing to wear in the cold?

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Fuzzy socks all day baby ☺️

Nails in #3... *shiver* if you are going to use fake nails at least apply them better.

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