7 Adorable Winter Scarves ...


7 Adorable Winter Scarves ...
7 Adorable Winter Scarves ...

While there are tons of plain adorable winter scarves out there, adorable winter scarves are a bit more distinctive. The perfect winter scarf must not only be cute and fashionable, but also cozy. With those harsh winter winds, your scarf needs to actually keep you warm. So here are a few of my favorite adorable winter scarves. Enjoy and bundle up!

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ASOS Faux Fur Snood

ASOS Faux Fur Snood Going along with the winter trend of faux fur, this is one of the many adorable winter scarves that are perfect to bundle up and keep warm while walking to class. Because it is such a statement scarf, keep the rest of your outfit simple to really make the scarf stand out. Find it at ASOS for $38.59.


Topshop Cable Pom Pom Scarf

Topshop Cable Pom Pom Scarf Play it up in this adorable pom pom scarf! This adorable winter scarf is bound to keep you warm, but is also super playful with the giant pom poms on the bottom. Who said that just because it’s winter, you can't have fun? With this scarf, you will be bouncing your way to class.


Modcloth Start with the Basics Circle Scarf

Modcloth Start with the Basics Circle Scarf One of the things I love about this scarf is that it is such a basic scarf but in such an outstanding color. It is simple enough to wear everywhere, but bright enough to make a statement with it. With this adorable winter scarf, you are bound to stand out from the crowd of drab winter colors.


Burberry Check Merino Wool Scarf

Burberry Check Merino Wool Scarf Sure, at $295.00 from Nordstrom, it might be a bit pricey for my broke college student budget, but I can still dream of one day owning this incredible Burberry scarf. What I love most about it is the twist on the classic and iconic Burberry scarf. Although I love the timeless Burberry scarf, I will never turn down a nice twist, especially when it so adorable. This scarf would look perfect with a neutral colored blouse, skinny jeans and a big black pea coat for an unmistakable touch of class.


Pins and Needles Floral Crochet Eternity Scarf

Pins and Needles Floral Crochet Eternity Scarf What stands out to me most on this adorable winter scarf is the unique crochet work. It really makes a statement. While most other winter scarves are one material all around, this scarf combines two textures for a creative look. It comes in a variety of colors from light pink, olive green, and plum, so you can find which one suits your style best. Find it at Urban Outfitters for $34.00.


Alexander McQueen Skull Chiffon Scarf

Alexander McQueen Skull Chiffon Scarf Because it’s chiffon, it may not be the warmest scarf ever, but it has skulls on it so I can overlook that minor detail. Like the previous designer scarf, it might be a bit pricey also, but again, the skulls are enticing me. I love the contrast between the light feminine color of the scarf and the rebel aspect of the skull icons. To me, this scarf says I am a lady but you don’t want to mess with me. And I am all about sending that message, especially if through this incredible scarf. Get it at Neiman Marcus for $295.00.


Modcloth Olive Growth Scarf

Modcloth Olive Growth Scarf This torn and tattered Modcloth scarf might be my new obsession. With its wonderful and deep color, I can’t resist it. I think this scarf would go perfectly with a contrasting outfit of a white long sleeve dress and black stockings with a pair of brown boots. The earthy undertones are perfect against a white dress. There is no denying this is an adorable winter scarf.

So as the temperatures drop, don’t resort to sweatpants and a sweatshirt. With these adorable winter scarves, it is possible to accessorize without freezing your behind off. There is such a variety of scarves out there that it is possible to have hundreds of favorites. What did you think of these adorable winter scarves? What do you think makes an adorable winter scarf? What does your favorite scarf look like?

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