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8 Fashionable but Functional Winter Coats ...

By Lyndsie

Winter Coats have to be functional, but that doesn't mean they can't be fashionable too. You can find jackets that not only fit your personal style, but that also enhance your wardrobe. In fact, certain styles of winter coats are stylish all on their own. Keeping warm doesn't mean you have to wear some shapeless, puff-stuffed coat. Check out some of these great fashionable but functional winter coats to see what I mean!

1 Gallery Quilted Anorak

Gallery Quilted AnorakPrice: $128.99 at
Anorak winter coats are so cute. Smaller and sleeker than a puffer coat, they're a little more fitted, so you don't look and feel like a marshmallow. I like the overall shape of this one, along with the muted eggplant.

2 Hampton Houndstooth Jacket by Knitted Dove

Hampton Houndstooth Jacket by Knitted DovePrice: $137.99 at
Houndstooth is really popular this winter, and I must admit, I'm a huge fan. I love this take on the pattern, though. It's larger than normal, and the typical black and cream palette is given a bright yellow jump start. Not for everyone, that's for sure, but if you're bold and daring, go for it!

3 Hampden Peacoat

Hampden PeacoatPrice: $198.00 at
Peacoats are my favorite winter coats of all time. I'm also a sucker for plaid, so you can see why I jumped all over this. I love the silhouette and the color as well. Plus, with all the different shades, you can easily match any outfit.

4 ASOS Short Duffle Coat

ASOS Short Duffle CoatPrice: $75.47 at
Duffle coats are a big hit this season, too. There are so many things I love about this one, but let's start with the short length – I think that look is so cute! I love the buttons as well, and the hood can be reversed.

5 Black Button down Skirted Coat

Black Button down Skirted CoatPrice: $130.00 at
There is absolutely I don't love about this coat, to the point where I think I might have to get it. Winter coats with a skirted hem are so pretty. They almost look like tops, so you can wear them as a central or accentuating piece with your outfit. I can just imagine this with tights and a pleated skirt or leggings and knee-high boots.

6 Salt and Pepper Panache Coat

Salt and Pepper Panache CoatPrice: $159.99 at
Here's another super stylish jacket for you! Since it's a wool blend, you know it'll keep you warm – and it's just so cool! Again, this could be a central part of your ensemble, especially since you can detach the hood.

7 Aristocrat Diary Faux Fur Coat

Aristocrat Diary Faux Fur CoatPrice: $68.99 at
Faux fur is a big part of this season's winter coats. If you want to try the trend, this would be a great way to do it. The fur is subtle, so you aren't getting too ostentatious with it. I love the warm brown color, and since there's contrasting details, you can wear it with just about any color palette.

8 Diamond Tweed Velvet Tie Coat

Diamond Tweed Velvet Tie CoatPrice: $160.00 at
Tweed is another hot ticket this season – and I love me some tweed, too. What really makes this coat stand out for me, however, is the oxblood color. The velvet tie creates a great juxtaposition with the military buttons as well. It's a great mix of hard and soft, masculine and feminine. Score one for androgyny!

Some of these winter coats are pricey, but don't worry – you can always find a lookalike for less money! Buying new winter coats might sometimes seem superfluous and unnecessary, but hey, you really do have to stay warm. There's no reason you can't try out the latest styles while you're staying toasty. What are some of your favorite winter coats and styles?

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