17 Fashionable Packing Tips for Your Most Stylish Summer Vacation Ever ...

By Leena

17 Fashionable Packing Tips for Your Most Stylish Summer Vacation Ever ...

Summer holiday means it's time for vacation and no girl is going to stop herself from being fashionable even during travel. Take it from these 17 different summer outfit ideas ,and inspiring methods on how to pack a fashionable travel bag.

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SUMMER OUTFIT IDEAS to GET YOU STARTED: Jeans Skirt and off Shoulder Top

clothing, fashion model, joint, shoulder, waist,


Plaid Skrit and a Black T

clothing, tartan, plaid, pattern, jeans,


All Black Ensemble

shoulder, fashion model, jeans, fashion, joint,


An Oversized Sweater and Jeans

fashion model, jeans, shoulder, joint, tights,


Floral Skirt and a Colorful Top

clothing, footwear, fashion model, fashion, shoe,

Famous Quotes

Happiness depends upon ourselves.


Anything with Stripes

clothing, swimwear, vacation, beauty, fashion model,


Packing Your Bag for Travel

bag, product, handbag, fashion accessory, product, The first essential fashionable thing to pack is makeup.
Traveling makeup products include:


Makeup Travel Kit #1

product, beauty, cosmetics, product, health & beauty,


Makeup Travel Kit #2 - for a Longer Trip

product, cosmetics, beauty, product, nail polish,


Makeup Travel Kit #3 for Girls Who Love Their Brushes and Can Not do without

product, product, product design, cosmetics,


Skin Care Products Are Another Essential in Travel Fashion - like This Jadience Travel Skin Care Kit

product, product,


De La Terre Skincare Kit

product, product,


Michelle Phan’s Revelotionary Skincare Kit for Travel

product, product, skin care, product design, cosmetics,


PACK ENTIRE OUTFITS for YOur Travel, as You See on This Mood Board

brown, dress, product, formal wear, peach, Last essential is clothes. Coordinated outfit ideas will be displayed bellow which will make your travel easy and fashionable. There are many more essentials for travel but these are the main three ones, so moving on…..


Sweater, Shorts and Heels for the Evening

clothing, purple, outerwear, product, knitting,


Skirt, Cute Top and Sneakers for the Day

blue, product, dress, pattern, pattern,


Shorts, Top and a Cardigan to Go from Day to Night

white, brown, product, shoulder, fashion,

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