7 Flawless Outfits Inspired by Kendall Jenner ...


If I had to think of one person whose red carpet street style could sum up what it means to be a trendsetter, Kendall Jenner would be my first choice every single time. From her love of sleek leather pants to her penchant to pair casual items with edgy pieces, it's no surprise that she has steadily worked her way into becoming one of the most sought after models of the year. Seriously, whenever I catch her online (or roaming the streets of NYC), I can't help but admire how much she is KILLING it out there! In honor of her totally fabulous style game, here are a few pieces that I could definitely see her rocking or getting behind.

1. Bad Bones Leather Leggings

Bad Bones Leather Leggings

Grab them here: Necessaryclothing.com

If there's anyone who could pull this flirty and chic look off, it's definitely Kendall Jenner. Not only do these elongate your legs, they can also add a bit of an edge to any outfit! If high shine isn't exactly your thing, I would neutralize it by pairing these leggings with a darker top. If you want to make your legs look even longer, try rocking these with black boots.

Black Cornelli Detail Mesh Maxi Dress
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