9 Saucy Spring Fashions from Torrid ...

The spring fashions from Torrid are officially in, so I've taken a break from spending way too much money to share some super hot looks with you! Okay, so, every girl has different style and my picks might not be your picks, but this will still give you an idea of what you'll find in Torrid's spring offerings. Whether you're looking for top trending pieces or lasting items that will work throughout the summer, fall, and winter as well, I've got you covered. Shop at the right time, and you'll even get some of these spring fashions from Torrid at an enviable discount!

1. Knit & Tribal Chiffon Hi-Lo Dress

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I really love the hi-lo trend, and this one's cute enough to last you all the way through summer and early fall. It's lightweight with plenty of stretch, and that chiffon skirt is so gorgeously flirty and feminine. The color scheme, however, lends some vibrancy and edge, so you'll stand out among the season's pastels as a serious trendsetter. This dress is one of my favorite spring fashions from Torrid, but the same silhouette is available in all different colors and styles.

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