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Ok ladies, how many of you have eyed a pair of fun leggings, but haven’t been able to bring yourself to buy them because you think, “how on Earth am I going to style that?" … Well, now you can buy supercute and fun leggings with no hesitation. Use these examples as inspiration, and feel free to mix them up a bit to match your own personal style.

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Floral Print

Floral Print I feel like floral leggings will always be fun leggings - am I right? With so many different patterns and prints and styles out there, there are so many different ways to rock them. Throw on a solid color flowy blouse that doesn’t clash too much with the print, and strap on some cute kitten heels for an instantly fabulous outfit.


Animal Print

Animal Print Pair cute animal print leggings with a cute tank top or shirt that doesn’t distract from the leggings. After all, they are your main focus piece! Add some cute heels or flats or booties, and even a cute sun hat for extra detail. I feel like animal prints aren't really going anywhere for a while.


Geometric Print

Geometric Print Soften up rigid harsh geometric prints with a soft top, and accent heels that tie into the print. It creates a nice balance and doesn’t come off too crazy. If you add a bag or clutch to the look, make sure, again, that it is subtle. Let these leggings do all the talking.



Pleather These are probably the most popular street style legging out there. There are so many ways to style this one, I don’t even know where to start. There are very few ways you can mess this one up, ladies. I like the military-esque feel here, with the deep green cargo jacket, matching top, and black accessories. These leggings are great if you just need a quick go-to outfit. Pair them with some cute booties, a printed cardigan, a matching bag, and you are good to go.


Tribal Print

Tribal Print Depending on the colors in your tribal print leggings, I’d stick to a solid color tee, moto jacket, boots, and minimal accessories. With all busy print leggings, you want to keep the eye from jumping around too much - don’t be too overwhelming!


Burnt Velvet

Burnt Velvet I think these would be awesome to try out. I like the grungy-chic look of them, when paired with rugged ankle boots, a worn-in tank, floppy hat, and cute accessories. However, there are plenty of other ways to style these if you're not into this type of look. Soften things up by wearing a cute simple white top and strap sandals. Instead of making it grungy, it leans more to the chic side, and looks a little more feminine. Add a floppy hat, and give it a bit of a boho feel - the possibilities are endless!



Metallic And lastly, we have metallic leggings. I love how they look styled with an oversized off-the-shoulder sweater, nude pumps, and a matching clutch. Don’t know if I would be brave enough to try them out, but they look absolutely gorgeous.

So that’s it for my list of fun leggings and how to style them. Which ones would you wear? Which ones would you not wear? How would you style them? I’d love to hear some personal style tips!

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Wow they all look super sexy yet elegant.


Plato's Closet has some great printed leggings

Wer can u buy dees?

Taking soooo long to load

nice I love


They do look super cool!

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