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Work wardrobes have the tendency to become repetitive and monotonous, but there are plenty of ways to refresh your work wardrobe. A few simple changes here and there can be all you need to breathe new life into your work outfits. And there’s nothing like a fresh change to lift your mood and get you motivated again, right? Most work places have some sort of dress code in place, so certain restrictions may play a part in just how far you can take things when refreshing your work wardrobe. Unless you’re restricted by a work uniform, check out these ways to refresh your work wardrobe.

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Update Your Accessories

One of the easiest and most effective ways to refresh your work wardrobe is by updating your accessories. A complete wardrobe overhaul is not always feasible so updating your accessories is a great way to incorporate some on-trend pieces into your work wardrobe. Adding a statement necklace or trendy new handbag are great ways that you can instantly update your look.


Add Statement Shoes

In the same vein as updating your accessories, your choice of shoes can drastically alter your look. This season we’re seeing colourful and printed shoes come to the fore, and they’re great for brightening up a basic work outfit. Animal print heels and flats are great for teaming with tailored trousers and skirts, and they also have a timeless element to them. If you prefer splashes of colour, then citrus colours look great with neutral outfits.


Just Add Colour

We all have our go-to colour palettes and work wardrobes, generally speaking, tend to be made up of the duller end of the colour chart. If you find that your wardrobe is generally made up of black, white, and grey colours then why not brighten things up? You don’t have to go straight to neon brights, with plenty of pastel and neutral hues hitting the mark this season.


Pop on a Crop Top

“Crop tops, to work?” I hear you ask. While you might have images of very inappropriate belly-baring outfits, you can make this season’s must have crop work for the office. The key is all about minimizing skin exposure and balancing out proportions with the rest of your outfit. For example, cropped sweaters are great for teaming with high-waisted midi skirts. Just make sure you pop on a shirt underneath so there’s no unexpected midriff exposure.


Try New Silhouettes

When it comes to putting together outfits, we tend to stick to certain styles and silhouettes. Another way to refresh your work wardrobe is to play with new silhouettes. For example, if you usually wear full skirts and dresses, why not try this season’s must have pencil skirt or tailored trousers instead? Structured, boxy silhouettes are another popular choice this season. If you’re worried about new silhouettes not suiting your figure, it’s all about trying on a range of different styles to find what best suits you. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised.


Get Embellished

Some of your classic wardrobe staples can be instantly updated with a bit of embellishment. A classic white shirt with an embellished collar still looks polished but has that added element of glamour. Other embellished items that could work at work include embellished jackets, shoes, and bejewelled cuff bracelets.


Refresh Your Makeup

Another simple way to update your look is to change up your makeup. One of my favourite ways to update an outfit is with a new coloured lipstick. While bright red might be too dramatic for the daytime, an orangey red or coral colour is perfectly on-trend this season. Alternatively, you could also play up your daytime look with a clean winged eyeliner for added intensity. Just remember to keep the rest of your makeup simple so things don’t look too over the top.

While most workplaces have dress codes, there’s always a way to try and let your personal style shine through. Updating your work wardrobe can be as simple as switching up your accessories or applying a coat of lipstick. What tips do you have for refreshing your work wardrobe?

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I love this article because a lot of ppl feel they can't be stylish while at work.

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