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23 Fun Ways to Wear Denim This Summer ...

By Teresa

Wearing denim in the summer can be tough. It seems like there's no variety when it comes to denim shorts, and everything else is just too hot to wearing during those warm, summer months. However, with this list, your nightmares are no more. This list will provide you with the best and easiest ways to wear denim this summer. These ideas are so unique and you won't see anyone else wearing them this summer!

1 Tulle and Denim

clothing,dress,gown,sleeve,formal wear,Source: Catch Bliss Boutique: Online Clothing
I love the gauzy effect of the tulle with the denim!

2 Denim Vest and Maxi Skirt

clothing,dress,fashion,gown,spring,Source: 20 Style Tips On How
This look could easily be dressed up or down.


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3 Tight Dress and Jean Jacket

white,clothing,footwear,dress,fashion,Source: 20 Style Tips On How
This tight striped dress is a summer staple, but the addition of the jean jacket makes it even cuter!

4 Ripped Jeans

white,clothing,blue,footwear,denim,Source: The Classic Stretch Crop Top
I just can't get enough of these ripped jeans!

5 Baggy Sweater and Denim

clothing,denim,footwear,cap,outerwear,Source: It's not quite breakfast, it's
People tend to stay away from baggy sweaters in the summer, but how could you resist when paired with these jean shorts?

6 Professional Denim

clothing,leg,footwear,abdomen,dress,Source: 101 Fashion Tips and Tricks
Make denim professional with this simple skirt and denim shirt combination!

7 Beach Look

clothing,human positions,handbag,footwear,hairstyle,Source: Ripped Denim & Shoe Pairings
I love the top paired with the jean shorts, and the yellow bag just stands out so nicely.

8 Floral and Denim

denim,clothing,jeans,blue,spring,Source: 20 Style Tips On How
It's hard to go wrong pairing denim and floral.

9 Denim Shirtdress

clothing,blue,denim,jacket,outerwear,Source: Everlane. | Sincerely Jules
Go all out with this denim shirtdress.

10 Overall Shorts

clothing,blue,footwear,beauty,fashion,Source: How to Style a Pretty
Especially as the 90s come back, overall shorts are a summer must- have.

11 Two-Tone Denim

clothing,jeans,denim,shorts,textile,Source: A Comprehensive Guide To Making
Are you feeling adventurous enough to make your own two-tone denim shorts?

12 Chic Denim on Denim

clothing,blue,denim,footwear,spring,Source: Summer style for you
I don't think that there are much cuter ways to do denim on denim than this look!

13 Crop Top and Overalls

human action,person,jogging,running,sports,Source: Haze (Frassy)
Summer is the time to show some skin, making this crop top perfect underneath overalls!

14 Ripped Cutoffs

hair,clothing,photography,girl,beauty,Source: Summer Sky Cutoff Shorts
Take a pair of your favorite ripped jeans and turn them into this grungy look!

15 Lace Shorts

denim,jeans,clothing,shorts,abdomen,Source: 5 DIY Projects to Do
Add a girly dynamic to a pair of your old favorite jean shorts!

16 Light Denim

blue,clothing,denim,dress,spring,Source: How to Wear a Chambray
This light denim dress is perfect paired with a bright purse for summer!

17 Denim on Denim

denim,jeans,clothing,blue,footwear,Source: Our Favorite Summer Street Style
No one does denim on denim like Olivia Palermo does denim on denim.

18 Loose Sweatshirt

blue,human positions,person,footwear,girl,Source: Mutefashion | Just another WordPress
Pull your favorite sweater out of the back of your closet and wear it with a pair of cutoff shorts!

19 Scalloped Cutoffs

clothing,pattern,shorts,denim,abdomen,Source: 3 Ways to Customize Your
These scalloped cutoffs are an easy way to add a girly touch to your favorite pair of jean shorts!

20 Denim, Denim, and White Denim

clothing,beauty,leg,footwear,hairstyle,Source: Cute Outfit Ideas of the
White jeans are a summer staple, especially when paired with a jean shirt.

21 Denim Mini

white,clothing,blouse,sleeve,outerwear,Source: Big Smile - Lovely Pepa
Who doesn't love a good denim mini skirt in the summer?

22 Add a Pattern

clothing,pattern,art,shorts,briefs,Source: New Arrivals | Women's
Add a fun pattern to a pair of jean shorts you don't love as much anymore!

23 Chambray Dress

clothing,blue,dress,sleeve,spring,Source: the Everday Diary: Dreaming of
I love how simple yet classic this dress is.

What are your go-to summer denim trends? I'm always looking for new ideas when it comes to denim in the summer, so let me know what you wear in the comments!

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