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Did You Know That Scallop Hems Are in This Summer

By Neecey

There's something very feminine about a scallop hem. Its distinctive shape lends itself to various clothes and always makes a statement. I've collected a few scalloped items that could feature in your summer wardrobe this year.

Table of contents:

  1. Garden border shorts
  2. Laser cut faux leather top
  3. A line mini skirt with scallop hem
  4. Detour du jour blazer in olive
  5. Lilly pulitzer buttercup scallop hem short
  6. Scallop hem belted romper
  7. Zest at its best top
  8. Scalloped floral crochet top
  9. Milk it suede mini skirt with zip front & scallop edge
  10. Lilly pulitzer madden scallop hem v-neck dress
  11. Savor your favorite flat in sand
  12. Floral crochet skirt
  13. Teach me your sways dress
  14. Scalloped crochet pencil skirt
  15. Give it a triumph shorts in ruby
  16. Scallop edge camisole
  17. Chinese laundry ifs, ands, or struts heel
  18. Scalloped crochet headwrap
  19. Off the shoulder lace crop top
  20. Scallop bag
  21. Rokoko skinny flare pants in stretch lace with scallop edge co-ord
  22. Zeal it in my bones dress
  23. Crochet-hem floral print shorts
  24. Adrianna papell print lace fit & flare dress (plus size)
  25. Asos curve embroidered cutwork top with scallop hem
  26. Modamix plus size perforated scalloped shorts

1 Garden Border Shorts


2 Laser Cut Faux Leather Top


3 A Line Mini Skirt with Scallop Hem


4 Detour Du Jour Blazer in Olive


5 Lilly Pulitzer Buttercup Scallop Hem Short


6 Scallop Hem Belted Romper


7 Zest at Its Best Top


8 Scalloped Floral Crochet Top


9 Milk It Suede Mini Skirt with Zip Front & Scallop Edge


10 Lilly Pulitzer Madden Scallop Hem V-Neck Dress


11 Savor Your Favorite Flat in Sand


12 Floral Crochet Skirt


13 Teach Me Your Sways Dress


14 Scalloped Crochet Pencil Skirt

Matching top available too

15 Give It a Triumph Shorts in Ruby


16 Scallop Edge Camisole


17 Chinese Laundry Ifs, Ands, or Struts Heel




19 Off the Shoulder Lace Crop Top


20 Scallop Bag


21 Rokoko Skinny Flare Pants in Stretch Lace with Scallop Edge Co-ord


22 Zeal It in My Bones Dress


23 Crochet-Hem Floral Print Shorts


24 Adrianna Papell Print Lace Fit & Flare Dress (plus Size)


25 ASOS CURVE Embroidered Cutwork Top with Scallop Hem


26 Modamix plus Size Perforated Scalloped Shorts


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