7 Funky Accessories for That Festival Outfit ...

Funky accessories can be a standout point for any fashion-forward festival outfit. When styling your festival outfit, try adding a funky accessory like an embellished bag or an interesting head piece. Festival fashion is all about having fun and pushing boundaries, so feel free to take risks with your look (all while remembering that comfort is key, of course!) Take a look at a few funky festival accessories below.

1. Feather Fringe Headband

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Price: $5.80 at forever21.com

Feather accessories and festivals go hand in hand. Work this trend into your outfit by wearing funky accessories like this feather fringe headband. The slim headband features a feather and cable chain fringe attached to one end. Wear it with your hair out so it appears that the feathers peek from in between the strands.

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