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7 Fun Spring Accessories for under 10 ...

By Alicia

Don’t you love to find spring accessories for under $10? I know that I do. By the time spring comes, I am so ready for anything spring-like and spring accessories for under $10 always make me happy. Let me help you out with some ideas of how you can find these accessories.

Table of contents:

  1. A spring nail color
  2. A pastel scarf
  3. Anything floral
  4. A statement necklace
  5. A pale lip color
  6. Toe rings
  7. New sunglasses

1 A Spring Nail Color

The first of the spring accessories for under $10 I want to mention is one that is easily overlooked. But this one is actually on the top of my list to wear in the spring. I cannot wait to break out my pale pinks and lilac colors for spring! I have already been shopping for spring nail colors. Essie is my favorite nail polish so naturally, I found lots of beautiful shades in this brand for this spring.

2 A Pastel Scarf

You don’t have to pack your scarves away just because it is spring! You just need to wear them a little differently. Wear your pastel scarves with short sleeve shirts. You can find many pastel scarves for under $10; try looking at Walmart or Target. It actually looks very cute and very spring like. I am always so happy to see spring colors being worn after a long winter.

3 Anything Floral

Floral says spring and you can find so many floral things in the spring. Many of them come in under $10. It could be a scarf, a hat or a cheap little top you found. There are many ways to bring a bit of floral into your wardrobe without spending very much at all. You could always go with a hair flower, which are usually around five dollars at the most.

4 A Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces are not going anywhere and that is absolutely fine with me. There are such pretty statement necklaces to choose from, too. And statement necklaces can certainly get pricy. But I do know you can find them for under $10. I found a statement necklace and earring set just a couple of weeks ago at that I am very happy with.

5 A Pale Lip Color

You know, I love the makeup trends of all seasons. But spring makes you want to pack away your holiday red lipstick and the deep burgundy you wore to match your deep, sad winter blues and bring out something spring like. I tend to wear more light lipsticks such as light or true pink in the spring. Corals also make good choices in lipsticks if they are done correctly. Your choice will need to vary on your hair color and skin tone, of course.

6 Toe Rings

I never get tired of toe rings! They are just so pretty, so feminine and add a little punch of playful to the ordinary. You can wear them all through late spring, summer long and into the fall. They can also be purchased for next to nothing, usually under $5. I usually buy some every year.

7 New Sunglasses

What is spring without a new pair of sunglasses? They are a must, are they not? But I rarely ever pay more than $10 for a pair of sunglasses, so I know that you can find cute ones for cheap. I figure that I don’t wear them long enough to really invest in them.

There are so many different accessories you can get for spring for under $10. What are your favorite spring accessories? Where can I find them?

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