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Girls Guide to Dressing for a Fashion Job Interview ...

By Lucy

Fashion job interviews can be tricky to prep for since there's a bit more pressure than usual in terms of what you wear and how you appear! Even so, there are heaps of ways to make sure you end up looking the part so keep reading for just a few great tips for your next fashion job interview! πŸ’» πŸ‘€

1 Wear a Statement Piece πŸ‘’

Statement pieces are great for drawing attention to one specific area of your outfit and letting this speak for itself! A great statement piece might be a faux fur coat, leather jacket or a skirt made of sequins. The one thing that these pieces all have in common is the fact that they can be the focal point of any outfit and therefore can make a fashion statement!

2 Add a Pop of Colour πŸ‘ 

Sticking with neutrals is all well and good but nothing speaks fun, exciting and even daring with a bright pop of colour to contrast the black, white and greys in your outfit! Brighten up any monochromatic outfit by incorporating a fire-engine red a cobalt blue or a vibrant orange! If you don't feel confident making your pop of colour a big part of your outfit then simply choose an accessory in a bright shade, such as a handbag, sunglasses or jewellery!

3 Be Smart with Accessories πŸ‘›

Accessories have the ability to make any outfit heaps more interesting and special, and when done correctly it can bring it to the next level! That being said, remember that often less is more when it comes to accessories (and fashion in general) so there's no need to go overboard with it! Try to limit your outfit to only two accessories, as any more might end up being distracting to your interviewer.

4 Show off the Latest Trends πŸ‘š

What better way to approach a fashion job interview than showing you know all the latest trends and you're not afraid to try them out?! Before your interview, research all the current fashion trends and choose one that you can incorporate into your outfit easily. This is the kind of thing that will most definitely be noticed by your interviewer and confirm, in their eyes, that you're interested in fashion and passionate about it!

5 Balance Your Outfit and Makeup πŸ’„

There may be a few decisions to make around your outfit but don't forget about your hair and makeup! If your outfit has a pop of colour, a bold pattern or a statement piece going on, you might want to tone it down with your hair and makeup in order to give it an overall good balance. Similarly, if your outfit is fairly toned down and mainly consists of neutrals, you might want to put a little more focus on your hair and makeup.

6 Consider Your Nails πŸ’…

Nails is another thing that some people tend to forget about when prepping for an interview! You should always have clean nails for any kind of interview and preferably plain, but if it's a fashion job interview you generally have a bit more flexibility with the ability to bend this rule! Wear nail polish if that's your thing, but make sure you choose a colour that's going to tie in with your outfit so that you still look totally put together!

7 Feel Confident in Your Outfit ❀️

The last piece of advice I will give you is to feel confident in what you end up wearing! Lack of self-confidence is often very easily noticed when your being interviewed, so try your best to make a good impression and remind yourself that you look great and should feel great too! Best of luck for your interview and I hope these tips helped you!

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