7 Style Hacks to Dress and Look like a True New Yorker ...


7 Style Hacks to Dress and Look like a True New Yorker ...
7 Style Hacks to Dress and Look like a True New Yorker ...

Okay, so not all of us are lucky enough to live in New York 🗽 (or even get the chance to visit one day, sadly) but that doesn't mean we should miss out on getting a bit of fashion inspiration from those brave, bold and beautiful women that aren't afraid to take their style to the next level! 👠💄 👛

Keep reading for the most important style hacks to dress and look like a true New Yorker 😄 🗽

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Black is Your Best Bet ✌️

Not only is black your best bet but it's also your best back up option in times of doubt! Black is easily known as the most versatile colour when it comes to fashion, so make sure you have plenty of black pieces in your wardrobe ready to go!


The Right Combo Trumps Price 💲

You might think dressing and looking like a New Yorker is all about expensive clothes and designer labels (especially if you're a huge Gossip Girl fan like me 😍 😄 xoxo), but did you know that the right combination can easily trump the price tag? All you have to do is know how to style your pieces together for an overall cohesive outfit, and don't worry about the rest!


Stick with Your Sunnies 🕶

Many New Yorkers are hardly ever seen without their sunnies...and for a good reason! A versatile pair of sunnies can be worn in any weather, any season on any day, so don't let any of these things stop you from sticking with the same pair of sunnies all year round!


Brighten up Your Outfit 🎨

Adding a bit of brightness to your outfit is a sure way to make both you and your style memorable - that must be why New Yorkers always wear such bright and colourful pieces! Use this easy style hack to your advantage by following the trend and don't be afraid to introduce bright colours into your style!


Mix up Your Style Often 👠

A big part of finding the right (and the wrong) combinations is simply trying different pieces together and see how they work together. It's okay to make mistakes or get things a little wrong here and there; having a style that works even when you mix up the pieces can take time to get perfect. That being said, keep working on it and you'll get there!


Remember Less is More 💄

Many New Yorkers know that the secret to great hair and makeup is to minimise and keep it on the simple side! You don't need to have a full face of makeup on every time you leave the house, instead try a simple ponytail, cute curls or a pop of bright lipstick (against an otherwise makeup-free face) to make a much bigger and better impact!


Self Confidence is Key 😊

If there's one thing we know to be true about New Yorkers it's that they always appear super confident in their style, no matter how unusual or different it might seem! This all comes down to self-confidence and choosing not to care what others may think of you. All that matters is that you're happy and carefree being yourself and doing your own thing!

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