Awesome Tips for How French Girls Pull off American Fashion Staples ...

By Jennifer

Ever wonder how French girls look so effortlessly chic wearing the exact same clothes we wear? Upon careful scrutiny, it looks like they have the same wardrobe, but they mix it up a little... and we can use a few pics for a little French fashionista inspo. Allons-y!

1 The Jumpsuit

statue, monument, ancient history, temple, sculpture, Okay, so this look is just lovely, isn't it? I'd have worn this jumpsuit a little differently, so it's fab to see how this French girl chose to style it! A long scarf and a plain tee underneath... swoon! Here are all the pieces you'll need to recreate this look.

Free People Work it Jumpsuit
clothing, sleeve, denim, jeans, photo shoot, Price: $148 at

Vintage Silk Tie Skinny Scarf
clothing, blue, outerwear, denim, fashion, Price: $148 at

We The Free Clare Tee
hair, white, clothing, sleeve, blond, Price: $38 at

2 Summer Dress 2.0

clothing, dress, art, fashion, spring, Look closely, and you'll see how she accessorized this dress to make it even lovelier and more feminine: a tiny scarf knotted around her neck. Isn't this just the prettiest summer-time style?

Free People Tunic
clothing, pink, sleeve, peach, blouse, Price: $98 at

Valentina Chained Scarf Necklace
hair, hairstyle, photography, beauty, black hair, Price: $38 at

3 Classic Striped Tee

clothing, footwear, denim, jeans, leg, This is the iconic French look, the striped tee... with an all-American twist in the jeans, then a back-to-French pair of mules. Casual, but so classy!

We The Free Stateside Tee
clothing, blue, sleeve, pattern, plaid, Price: $78 at

The Cheeky Boyfriend Jean
jeans, denim, clothing, blue, footwear, Price: $275 at

Moody Mule
clothing, footwear, brown, leg, fashion accessory, Price: $148 at

4 Totally Tonal

photograph, leisure, clothing, image, human positions, Better than sticking to one color is sticking to one tone, and we can try that, too! Let's build the perfect tonal outfit, only in golds, shall we?

Like This Paper Bag Pant
clothing, sleeve, spring, trousers, photo shoot, Price: $98 at

Jaipur Tank
hair, clothing, yellow, photography, hairstyle, Price: $58 at

Layered Ruffles Blazer
clothing, brown, outerwear, leather, sleeve, Price: $148 at

5 Sweet Sundress

hair, person, clothing, photography, beauty, This girl knows what we're all just learning: sometimes less is more... so when we're styling our summer sundresses, we'll keep the accessories few and simple.

Helena Slip Dress
clothing, day dress, dress, overall, sleeve, Price: $118 at

Flawed Leather Wrap Bolo
hair, face, clothing, hairstyle, photography, Price: $78 at

Fallon Straw Hat
hair, clothing, hat, beauty, hairstyle, Price: $168 at

6 Jeans and Sneaks

photograph, clothing, human positions, girl, beauty, This is the French twist on a classic American outfit: jeans and sneaks. I could wear this every day... wait, actually... I kind of already do!

Levi’s 505c Cropped Jeans
jeans, denim, clothing, sleeve, trousers, Price: $98 at

Mint Julep Tee
clothing, sleeve, denim, outerwear, blouse, Price: $68 at

300 New Balance Court Sneaker
footwear, white, shoe, sneakers, spring, Price: $120 at

7 Denim on Denim

photograph, ancient history, arch, temple, A denim mini and jean jacket? That's a Canadian Tuxedo, but this French fashionista has is styled perfectly. How can we mere mortals get that look? Here are the pieces you'll need, swapping the French striped tee for an all-American graphic tee instead.

This Way Or That Mini Skirt
clothing, sleeve, pocket, abdomen, photo shoot, Price: $50 at

Zip Front Trucker
clothing, denim, sleeve, leather, outerwear, Price: $98 at

The Runaways Tee
white, clothing, sleeve, t shirt, photo shoot, Price: $58 at

Which of these French girl-inspired looks do you think you'll try first?

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