4 Excellent Tips for Getting Your Wardrobe Ready for Fall ...


4 Excellent Tips for Getting  Your Wardrobe Ready for Fall ...
4 Excellent Tips for Getting  Your Wardrobe Ready for Fall ...

Have you given any thought to getting your wardrobe ready for fall yet? It may be the height of summer, but getting an early start on prepping your wardrobe for the fall means you're ready to take advantage of the new season fashion as soon as it hits the stores. Follow these tips to audit your wardrobe for fall and you'll be so proud you did it early.

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Step 1 - Fully Commit to the Process

Be committed! If you are not committed to auditing your wardrobe, it is not going to work. You are going to have a hard time parting with things that you don’t love or need so, first make the decision that you want to improve your wardrobe. Depending on how large your wardrobe is, this can take a few hours.


Step 2 - Identify Your Basics

Some basics include: white blouse, blazer, black pants, little black dress, basic t-shirt, well-fitted jeans, dressy top for going out or that can go from day to night, cardigan, and v-neck sweater. Of course you will have more than one of some of these items and that is ok.


Step 3 - Separate into Four Piles

Separate your clothes into four piles

1 - Keep

2 - Mend/Alter

3 - Donate

4 - Throw Away

This is the longest part of the process because you have to try on some of the items. If you haven’t worn something in years, it is too tight, or it no longer compliments your body then add them to the donate pile. Don’t keep things that you aren’t crazy about. Throw away anything that’s ripped, split, or dingy. If you have some items that can be altered at a reasonable price, then keep them and take them to a tailor or amend/repair yourself. The length of time that you’ve had an item does not mean donate or throw away. I have a few items in my wardrobe that I’ve had for four or five years and they are in good condition, so I keep them. Keep things that can be transitioned and that are timeless.


Step 4 - Research and Make a New Wardrobe List

Research and make a list of new items that you want to add to your wardrobe. You have to do research to create the look that you want. I recently went into Target and did not wander around buying things I do not need. That’s usually my process when I don’t have a list and I never have a list :( I always end up with the most random things, lol. When I have a list I’m focused and on a mission. This takes discipline. So check your favorite magazines, websites, or style bloggers to see what is on trend, or create your own style. Replace the things that you are throwing away or donating from Step 3, so you definitely need a list.

Are you ready to purge your wardrobe for fall?

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