8 Guaranteed Man-Repelling Clothes ...


8 Guaranteed Man-Repelling Clothes ...
8 Guaranteed Man-Repelling Clothes ...

When you’re deciding what to wear for a night out, or a date, there are a few man repelling clothes that you should probably avoid. It definitely isn’t all about looks, but when it comes to first impressions – especially when there’s a certain someone you want to impress – clothes can be important. So here are 8 guaranteed man-repelling clothes to avoid.

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This is the ultimate in man repelling clothes. These got really fashionable recently, and I’m not sure why. But, they did, so lots of us fashionistas started wearing them. Let’s be honest, they are very comfy. However, anything that makes it look as if you’re wearing a (full) diaper is not going to be that attractive to the opposite sex.



This is another item with the comfort factor, but apparently UGG boots are one of those things that are most likely to turn a guy off. They may feel like a little furry hug for your feet, but do you really want to look like you have paws at the end of your legs?



One of these things is a lot more fashionable than the other. Onesies should be kept strictly for the privacy of your own home. Jumpsuits, however, have come back in a big way in recent years, and it looks like they’re sticking around. But, according to surveys, even that slinky black jumpsuit you think is really sexy isn’t that attractive to men. Maybe it’s because they’re thinking how much more difficult they are to get off?



Not all of you may agree with this one, but I think that too much flesh will actually turn a guy off. Unless you’re Miranda Kerr, and who looks like that in real life?! Wearing a handkerchief may get you attention, but chances are, it’s not the kind of attention you want. Don’t give everything away, straight away!



You know what I mean; those kinds of outfits that are so ‘on-trend,’ you can barely move for all the baubles you’ve attached to yourself and the ridiculous shoes you’ve strapped to your feet. Look stylish by all means, but, in my experience, the height of fashion may earn you approving looks from women – but not necessarily from men.



We tend to wear these because they’re comfortable, easy to chuck on and warm. But elasticated waists and clingy, thin fabric do not make for a sexy look. This is another case of giving too much away, too soon.



Generally speaking, men like heels. They make your legs look longer and thinner, they improve your posture and give outfits a lift. So, this makes the recent trend for weird shoes even more annoying – why would we wear heel-less shoes and ugly flatforms when we could be wearing a pair of elegant stilettos?



Women say vintage chic, men say we look like grandmas. We may think that the floral tea dress we have looks great paired with our brogues and a pair of frilly socks, but we have to ask ourselves - is this look really attractive to men? Probably not.

Of course, you should wear whatever you want to wear – if a man doesn’t like you just because of what you’re wearing, he probably isn’t worth knowing anyway. It is interesting to know how the male minds works though – what outfits are always winners (or losers) for you?

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The thing on harem pants made me laugh, I absolutely love them but for some reason Im fully aware men don't care for them. (But then again it's what I choose to wear, and what I feel would express myself in the most accurate way possible!) Good article, keep it up!

Glad u shined a light on this topic, gee! Especially the Uggs!! I have seen some worn out ones and some girls get so comfy and dont realise how turned off guys by that sight... But i m a lover of leggins

Since when do women dress for men anyway? And since when should they? Haha and as for things like jumpsuits, statement (weird haha) shoes, and vintage chic....if its done right and looks classy, this can be waaaay off

Ik a lot of guys who think uggs look great! Especially with skinny jeans

Actually I've heard often men liking legging(if they got for you of course) also I agree with the heel less shoes, some of them and I mean very few to me look alright depending on the design but I think mostly all of them look like hooves, who wants to look like an oversized fashion goat

This one

I disagree withy the leggings. There are different cuts and designs that work for many different sizes of women. If the leggings are worn right, with a nice shirt, they look really flattering and cute. Personally I don't dress for men, and my theory is that if a man doesn't like what I'm wearing then he won't like me because my fashion sense is a complete reflection of my personality. I do agree with the Uggs though. To be honest I don't like them much either, but hey, whatever works for you ladies! Lol

My fiancé loves my leggings! Cache has great leggings that are thick enough that feel like dress slacks material.

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