7 Outfits from New Girl I Need in My Closet ...


7 Outfits from New Girl I Need in My Closet ...
7 Outfits from New Girl I Need in My Closet ...

There are so many outfits from “New Girl” that I would absolutely love to own. Honestly, I love the style that both Jess and Zooey Deschanel have and that’s why I had to write this article. During almost every episode I find myself saying, “I would love to wear that,” or “That’s so cute!” It only makes sense that I would make a list of seven outfits from “New Girl” I need in my closet.

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White Dress

White Dress I don’t think that I even have a reason to wear this dress, but I need it. Seriously, it’s so pretty and I love the way it looks on her. It may not look the same way on me since we have different body types, but I want it anyway. I’d probably wear it to work and anywhere else I could think of because I’m a little obsessed. I had completely forgotten about this dress until I was looking for pictures for this article. Since I found the picture I just can’t stop looking at it! This is one of my favorite outfits from “New Girl.”


Black Dress

Black Dress This dress literally made me stop in front of the TV and stop the conversation I was having so I could say “I need this dress.” My friend actually found almost an exact match and I plan on buying it. I don’t know what it is about this dress that draws me to it so much, but I’m in love with it. Part of it is probably because it’s so simple and I love simple outfits. Also, it’s black and I wear a lot of it. Other than that it’s just a really cute dress and I want it.


Bow Top and Lace Skirt

Bow Top and Lace Skirt I probably would have never thought to put this outfit together on my own, but I adore it. It’s just so cute and so typical Jessica Day/Zooey Deschanel. I don’t know if I’d actually wear this, but I like to think that I would. I’ve never worn lace before and the entire skirt is lace, it’s kind of daring for me, but I think I could do it. I love whoever dresses her! Give me this outfit!


Bow Shirt

Bow Shirt I’m so in love with this shirt you can’t even imagine. It’s the first thing on this list with color and there’s a reason for that. I don’t really wear color, but I can’t help but be in love with this shirt. I mean seriously, the bow design is so cute, I just can’t handle it! Not just that, but I love that she has tucked it into a high-waisted skirt because I love those. This is just such an adorable outfit, I need it.


Red Coat

Red Coat Give me, give me, give me! I usually go with a plain black peacoat, but this is so cute that I’d give up the norm for it. I mean come on, the big buttons and the contrast of the red and black is so fun. I want this so badly. I always say that it’s hard to dress like Jess/Zooey in the winter because most of her outfits are for warm weather, but this solves part of that issue.


Salmon Dress

Salmon Dress This is so cute and old fashioned looking! I absolutely love the bow in her hair, it really completes her look. The dress might not work on everyone, but it definitely works on her and I hope it would work on me. Can I please own this dress?! For me, everything about this dress works from the style to the color and the fact that, like everything else on this list, it’s just so darn cute!


Pink Dress

Pink Dress I have a dress similar to this in color and cut, but mine is covered in polka dots. I would love to have this dress hanging next to it in my closet. This dress is absolutely adorable! I love the color and the style. Could you blame me for wanting it!? I’m not sure what else to say about this dress other than that it’s really cute, just like all the other clothes here!

Writing this article really made me want to watch “New Girl” and go shopping. I can’t help it, the clothes are just so cute! Which outfits are your favorites? Are there any I missed? Actually, I know I missed some! So how about: what other outfits would you put on this list?

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Zooey is soo adorable. I love her

Love this show! And I love her classic red dress she wears in theme song

The #5 coat, I have in pink! AMAZING! Cute

Her red dress belongs on this list!

Check out a site called what would zooey wear...it shows pics of outfits and then links to shops wear you can find similar pieces!

Want/need all!

Zooey is one of my personal style icons, she is so eclectic and unpredictable, and she doesn't slavishly follow any particular trend. You can send me all 7 lol

@Nikita I bought mine at a sample sale, but I have seen them online. A friend of mine googled the show name

The Red Coat !!! <3

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