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8 Fixes for Common Wardrobe Malfunctions ...

By Sophia

Knowing a few quick fixes for wardrobe malfunctions can make all the difference when outfit disasters strike. Things don’t always go to plan, and there’s nothing worse than being caught out in public with a wardrobe malfunction. It could be a popped button, ripped stockings, or maybe even scuffed shoes. Be prepared for all occasions and take a look at these fixes for wardrobe malfunctions.

1 Ripped Tights

Ripped tights and stockings are a common wardrobe malfunction. While there’s no way to repair a rip, you can prevent it from laddering even further. Apply fast drying clear nail polish around the edges of the rip or apply hairspray to the area. Like many fixes for wardrobe malfunctions, these should hopefully tide you over until you get home or get changed. Otherwise, you can always pretend you’re going for the grunge look and pass off your ripped tights as a fashion statement instead.

2 Popped Buttons

Popped buttons on shirts can be a pain. They can also lead to some revealing wardrobe malfunctions. Carrying a travel-sized sewing kit would definitely come in handy during moments like these, so you can quickly sew the button back on with a needle and thread. Alternatively, try using double sided tape or a safety pin to keep your shirt together until you get home.

3 Fallen Hems

Fallen hemlines can not only look uneven but in some cases they can also be dangerous. If the hem has fallen on a long pair of pants, you might be more likely to trip over them. If you don’t have a sewing kit handy, secure hemlines with a stapler until you can get them properly fixed.

4 Scuffed Shoes

Scuffed shoes can instantly bring down the tone of your outfit. If you don’t have enough time to buff out any scuff marks, you might have to resort to colouring them in. If you’re not too precious about your shoes, use a permanent marker in the same colour of your shoes to quickly fix up scuff marks on the go.

5 Undone Zippers

Being caught out with an undone zipper on your jeans or pants can be oh so embarrassing. The only real solution is to try and zip it back up as discreetly as possible. If you do get caught out, there’s nothing you can really do other than laugh it off and be good humoured about it. If your zipper gets stuck, however, try rubbing a soft graphite pencil or lip balm on the teeth to loosen up the zipper.

6 Nip Slips

As far as fixes for wardrobe malfunctions go, nip slips are probably the most preventable. Janet Jackson’s infamous nip slip at the Super Bowl pretty much defined the term ‘wardrobe malfunction.’ If your top is loose or revealing and you’re not wearing a bra, try securing it in place with double sided fashion tape.

7 Stains

Spilling stuff on your clothes while you’re out in public can be quite embarrassing. Some stains can be easily removed with water but others might be harder to deal with. Carrying a stain removal pen in your handbag can be a lifesaver. It won’t take up too much room and can work wonders on stains.

8 Visible Underwear

Visible underwear can be mortifying, especially if it wasn’t intended. If you’re going to be somewhere with flash photography, keep in mind that some clothes can appear sheerer under light, so test them out beforehand to prevent any embarrassing photos later on. Wear a slip if you don’t want your underwear to show. To prevent visible panty lines, the only real solution is to wear properly fitting underwear and clothes.

These are just a few common wardrobe malfunctions and tips on how to fix them. Can you think of any other common wardrobe malfunctions? What tips do you have for fixing any potential outfit disasters?

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