Here's How to Shop for Clothes like a Pro ...


When it comes to shopping, it’s easy to just snatch something off the rack because you love it or because it’s a great deal. If you’re tired of a closet full of clothes that you never wear, don’t match your lifestyle, or simply aren’t your style, then you need to learn how to shop for clothes like a pro! I’d love to share how I learned to shop differently, with a method to my madness, so please keep reading!

1. Take Wardrobe Inventory and Make a List of What You Need

It’s always good to do a closet cleanout before you go shopping. This makes room for new items you buy, and helps you see what staple pieces you might be lacking in your wardrobe. When you know exactly what you’re shopping for, it’s easier to avoid impulse purchases. I also use this time to check on what’s in style for the current season so I can add a trendy piece to my list of “needs”.

Decide What Your Budget is and What Items You Can Afford to Pay More for
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