Take Your Outfit from Day to Night by Swapping These Pieces ...


Take Your Outfit from Day to Night by Swapping These Pieces ...
Take Your Outfit from Day to Night by Swapping These Pieces ...

We all live busy lives. That means that sometimes, we’re so busy that we don’t have the time to change up our looks between our day plans and our night plans. If you have a busy day ahead of you and need to jazz up an outfit for night, follow these simple switches for your cutest and easiest looks yet!

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Swap Your Sensible Flats for Sparkly Heels

If you’re allowed to wear flats to work or school, chances are that that’s your designated shoe of choice. It’s amazing how much a pair of shoes can change an entire look when you’re trying to switch your outfit from day to night! If you go for ballet flats during the day, swap them out for sparkly high heels at night to add a statement piece to your office ensemble for a fun night out!


Swap Your Jewelry

When you’re going to work or school, chances are that you’re not exactly going for the bold statement pieces. I tend to be pretty balanced when it comes to the jewelry I wear, but during the day I usually pick pieces that are dainty and less obtrusive. If you’re transitioning an outfit from day to night, swap out your smaller jewelry for huge, chunky, bold statement pieces. A bright necklace instantly spices up an outfit!


Swap Your Pencil Skirt for a Mini Skirt

You’ve probably worn a pencil skirt or two in your day. Normally they’re worn to work or to important events, probably not to a night out. If you’re trying to transition a outfit from day to night but don’t know what to do with that pesky pencil skirt, swap it out for a mini skirt instead. It’ll turn heads and instantly spice up an outfit!


Put Your Contacts in

If you’re a glasses girl who doesn’t like to wear contacts very often, that’s all right. I personally don’t know how you do it, because my glasses just bother me, but I’m sure you feel the same about contacts! If you’re going out and want to completely revamp your whole look, put your contacts in after a day of wearing your glasses at the office. You’ll look like a whole new person!


Change Your Earrings

Bold, dangly earrings are such a huge trend right now, but they’re not exactly great for the workplace. If you love your long, dangly earrings but don’t want to wear them in the office, save them for a night out. Swap out your simple studs for bold earrings when you’re crunched for time and looking to update your night out look quickly!


Swap Your Work Purse for Your Clutch

We all have one. The work purse is a necessary evil, holding all of the items we’ll need for our 9 to 5. If you go to school you may have one to, or at the very least a backpack that is basically glued to your hip. If you’re looking to change up your day look to become your night look, the first step is ridding yourself of that “work purse” and picking up a small clutch instead!


Change Your Hair up

Isn’t it amazing what a new hairstyle can do? If you usually wear your hair up to work, let it down for a fun night out! It may completely revamp your look, or just turn a few heads, but either way, what a fun way to twist things up!

What’s your go-to tip for changing your look from day to night? Let me know in the comments!

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