How to Make a Fashion Statement with Your Workout Gear ...

We all have those days when our workout gear just has to become part of our rest-of-the-day gear. Sometimes, life just gets in the way. If you’ve found that life just keeps getting in the way more often than not and you have to wear your workout gear more than you’d like, follow these simple steps to make your workout gear a fashion statement!

1. Go for Transitional Pieces

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Go for pieces that you can easily wear out and about during the rest of your day. If you throw a sweater over your workout tank top that you could easily throw back on post-workout, you’ll look so stylish without even trying! There are so many pieces that you can throw on post-workout for your most stylish looks!

2. Wear a Great Workout Gear Line

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If you want your workout gear to be top-notch, you’re lucky to live in the right time for it! Workout gear has almost become an art form. People are modeling it on the runways and wearing it to look fashionable. There are so many amazing workout gear lines that you can wear, even if you can’t invest a lot of money (Target has great and affordable workout gear) to make you feel even more stylish!

3. Draw from the Celebs

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Celebrities kind of run the workout gear world, right? Some have workout gear lines, and others just wear it like they’re on the red carpet. If you’re looking for workout gear inspiration, look no further than the celebs who effortlessly rock the style every day!

4. Try Co-Ords

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Everyone loves a good matching set, and when it comes to workout gear, that’s no different! Matching sets are so easy to wear and style, and it’s the same when it comes to workout gear. If you’re looking for the perfect matching set, you may just be surprised to find that your perfect matching set is a fitness matching set!

5. They Could Just Affect Your Workouts Too

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There are a few studies that are starting to come out about how what you wear affects your workout. A few of the studies are saying that the better you feel in your clothes, the more you like what you’re wearing, and the more effective your workout will be, because you’ll be inspired to work that much harder! It seems crazy but some studies are saying that it really works!

6. Keep Wearing Your Workout Gear during Your Busiest Days

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A lot of people may give you flak for doing this, but have you ever been forced to wear your workout gear all day? You just couldn’t get home to change and spent the rest of your day in your workout clothes. We’ve all been there. Did you notice that you were much more productive than normal? There’s something about being in clothes that you have to work hard in that makes you more productive!

7. Look for Jackets

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If you don’t want to run around in the tank top that you just worked out in, invest in some jackets that are stylish but match your workout gear. They’ll hide your workout gear and make you look extremely on trend!

What’s your favorite workout look? How do you stay stylish when you’re working out? How do you transition your workout gear to a fashion statement? Let me know in the comments!

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