8 Fashion Trends Guys Hate ...


8 Fashion Trends Guys Hate ...
8 Fashion Trends Guys Hate ...

Fashion Trends that guys hate are typically ones that girls love. Do you know the things that you wear, that seem fashionable can actually grind his gears? Below, I'm going to go over the top 8 fashion trends that men absolutely hate that women won't stop wearing! Some of these fashion trends are ones that I love … so I doubt I'll stop wearing them.

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How can a guy hate Uggs? Oh-em-gee, they are so, so comfortable? Well ladies, when you pull on the comfort, they do actually hate it. Uggs were at the top of the fashion trends list that men hate. Remember that this Fall when you are pulling them out of your closet.


Neon Anything

Okay, so this is one of the few fashion trends that I agree with. Neon anything should be kept to a minimum I think (bracelets, sometimes necklaces). You should never wear a bright, neon top or bright neon jeans. It's just … not in good taste ladies, I promise.



I'm actually surprised by this one. The reasoning behind this one is because guys thing that jeggings are stupid. Personally, I don't own any jeggings, however I have seen girls wear them before – and I have to say that I agree. Ditch the jeggings ladies, your man will be much happier!


Over Dramatic Make up

Men like make up – sometimes. They even like when you go without make up. When you have too much make up on though? That's when they hate it. If you have to wear make up to feel pretty, keep it to a minimum, just some lip gloss, light eyeliner, eyeshadow and some powder. Leave the heavy make up behind!


Leg Warmers

I had absolutely no idea that this was one of the fashion trends that was still around. I hate leg warmers. No. I mean, I hate them, despise them, would never wear them. I think that they should have stayed in the eighties and unless you are a dancer, you probably don't need to wear them out in public.


Harem Pants

Have you ever seen harem pants? I have and I have no idea who is bringing this fashion trend back, but stop it! They are horrible! They are so baggy around the hips and so tight around the calves and … well the whole thing is just awkward. I can see why this is one of the fashion trends that men absolutely hate!


Oversize Sunglasses

This is probably one of the few trends that I will still keep up with. I have a thing about oversize sunglasses, I love them. I think that they look cool and chic and hey – if Jackie O can get away with it, why can't I? Men, take a second look at this one, do you really not like oversized sunglasses?


Skinny Jeans

Yeah ladies, believe it or not, your skinny jeans? They actually really don't like them all that much. Yeah, skinny jeans are great with a loose tank, but most of the time, men want to leave something to the imagination and with skinny jeans, they can see your entire body.

As you can see, no matter how fashionable you are, there are many fashion trends that men just hate. I'm not saying that you need to change your style to fit your man, but maybe figure out what he likes to see you in – for date night. What fashion trends do you absolutely hate that are out there right now?

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I think you know some weird guys. Guys LOVE skinny jeans….and skinny jeans are no tighter then bootcut…so unless men are very concerned with the size of your calf, they wouldn't have much new info. I have seen more too tight flares then I care to think about. Also..men don't even know what jeggings are. They look exactly like jeans. And neap goes perfecto;y with neutrals like great and beige. It looks tasteful. In fact it would look tackier in a bracelet.

Are we not going to talk about what men wear that women hate? (Cough, baggy jeans that don't cover your ass whatsoever.)

Articles like this really irritate me. I'm sorry, but if a guy doesn't like what I'm wearing, why should I care? I dress for myself, and I know you're just telling me what they supposedly don't like, not what I should be wearing, but why even write the article? It's so overgeneralized and only communicates the message that we SHOULD cater to guys' tastes and dress according to what they'd like to see, as it was only several decades ago. This is disappointing.

I'm triggered,I love my skinny jeans and uggs i wear them all Fall and Winter,but seriously it depends on the guy,my ex loved me in my skinny jeans cause it showed off my curvy hips and butt,he tolerated my uggs XD who the hell cares what men like and don't like,I don't dress up for men no that I'm single,I just don't care,I'm guilty of wearing every single thing on this list,I'm absolutely not sorry at all

i remember i was going on a date and i put on skinny jeans and my roommate said "you're wearing that?" she didn't like them so i changed. when i later wore them in front of my boyfriend he complimented me- i told him about my roommate and he said she was clueless. he thinks they're sooo sexy. we're married now <3

what makes this article that bit worse is that it was written by a woman.

I mostly wear jeggings and skinny jeans... I've gotten many guys with them. Guys usually like the jeans that show off the shape you got.

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