5 Hot Trends for Spring amp Summer 2012 ...


5 Hot Trends for Spring amp Summer 2012 ...
5 Hot Trends for Spring amp Summer 2012 ...

I can't believe we're already in the month of December, which means 2012 is right around the corner and so are the hot trends of Spring and Summer! Fashion trends come and go and then come back again, I'm so happy to see that color blocking is still a trend for next year, it will probably be even bigger than this year. The lovely Yelena from All Glam Thingsis guest blogging with us today to share her picks for** 5 Hot Trends for Spring & Summer 2012**, I can't wait to see more street fashion in these trends...
Hot Trends from the Runway to the Streets...
"It's all about the feminine silhouette" ~ Stephanie Solomon, Bloomingdale's fashion director.

Lucky for us Girls, Spring/Summer 2012 runways indicate the return to femininity and glamour. Think pinks, florals, floor length skirts , sorbet colors, tulle and organza. Let's take a look at what will be HOT in Spring/ Summer 2012.

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Pastel Sorbet Shades...

Pastel Sorbet Shades... Pastel looks from Calvin Klein and 3.1 Phillip Lim

Pastels are feminine and girly. This season every girl can feel like a princess in a fairytale castle. Think tulle and organza in baby pinks, blues and yellows.


20's Are Back...

20's Are Back... Looks from Tory Burch and Marchesa

Elegant and sassy shapes of 20's are back. Tory Burch's sequined striped dress, cut in an elegant 20's shape, makes going on a cruise suddenly chic. And a flapper girl dress from Marchesa looks seductively stunning for a night out.


Color Blocking...

Color Blocking... Looks from Sophie Theallet and Tommy Hilfiger

In previous season Color Blocking was a huge trend and it's not going anywhere in a near future. Spring is full of bold ,solid-color pieces—like a cardi, blouses and skirts. A little piece of advice: don't do more then 3 colors if you don't want to be a fashion disaster!



Tangerine... Looks from Doo.Ri and Sophie Theallet

Number one color of Spring/Summer 2012 would be ~Tangerine. If tangerine is not your favorite color then there are plenty more orange hues to choose from. If you want to see what other colors will be popular in Spring 2012, Pantone Institute shared its prediction for the most popular colors of spring 2012.


Flowers & Prints...

Flowers & Prints... Looks from PeterSom and J.Crew

Florals, Florals.... How could any warm season be without florals~ that's unnatural. In Spring /Summer 2012 oversized florals, mirror like geometric shapes, even parrot prints are super trendy. Time to have some fun under the sun!

Yelena Starikova is an Image Consultant and Editor at Glamthings.com—a website where you can find fashion advice, color inspiration, and personal thoughts on being 20-something and glamorous.

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winter did not even begin yet we know what's coming for summer =) I miss you summer!! I will definitely try out the flowery prints and tangerine colors.

I love the sorbet shades! So gorgeous!

Glad to know color blocking will still be around. Will have to rock some floral prints and definitely tangerine next spring!

I fell in love with that color block bikini... I won't get any rest until I find something that gorgeous

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