How to Avoid the First Day of School Fashion Freak out ...


How to Avoid the First Day of School Fashion Freak out ...
How to Avoid the First Day of School Fashion Freak out ...

Going to Catholic schools for nearly all of my life, I never knew how lucky I was not to have to deal with the first day of school fashion freak out. However, when I got to high school, the first day often became a “casual dress” day, and I learned all too well just how stressful picking out a cute outfit. If you’re used to the first day of school fashion freak out and want to avoid it this year, here are some tips to do just that!

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Pick a Few Outfits in Advance

The first week of school can be pretty stressful, so if you don’t plan your outfits normally, make an effort to during the first week of school. If you plan multiple outfits out for the week in advance, you’ll have a ton of options for the first day of school that will make it less stressful on the morning of your first day of school!


Try Them on Beforehand

I’m sure you’re thinking that this tip goes without saying, but you’d be surprised just how often I hear of people who get a new outfit for the first day of school but forget or just don’t think to try it on beforehand. Even if it’s an older outfit, you may have grown a little bit since you last wore it and it may fit differently, leading to a last-minute freak out on the first day. If you’ve put together an outfit you’ve never worn before, try the entire look on beforehand. When seeing it on, you may just get a burst of inspiration to add something that you wouldn’t have thought of were you rushing out the door the morning of!


Know What Looks Good on You

Everyone knows his or her own strengths when it comes to what looks good on you and what makes you more self-conscious. On the first day of school, you want to feel your most confident, especially if you’re going to a new school. Pick an outfit based on the pieces you know you feel confident in!


If You’re Getting Your Picture Taken, Make Sure It Photographs Well

I made this mistake in the 7th grade and I still think about it every time I get my picture taken. I wore a headband that was reflective without taking a picture before to see if there’d be a glare, and it’s the first thing you notice in my school picture from that year. If you have to get your picture taken on the first day of school, take a few pictures before just to make sure that nothing about your outfit will create a fashion faux pas in pictures!


Don’t Forget about Your Hair

When you’re stressing about your first day of school outfit, it can be easy to completely forget about your hair. That just makes it even more annoying when you have to throw your hair up in a messy ponytail in the morning because you didn’t plan on a style or give yourself the extra time. Include your hair as part of your entire outfit!


Wear Your Shoes a Little Bit

If you’re in middle school, high school, or college, you probably spend a great majority of your day walking, especially on the first day when you haven’t found all of the shortcuts. If you’re wearing a new pair of shoes on the first day, wear them around your house a little bit (with band aids!) to avoid blisters, bleeding, and general pain on the first day!


Bring an Extra Outfit Just in Case

Keep an outfit in your bag, not just on the first day but also in general. You never know when you may need it, especially on the first day, when first impressions matter the most!

What are your tips for first day of school fashion? Have you had your first day yet? How’d it go? Let me know in the comments!

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