How to Incorporate Your Bra into Your Outfit ...

It’s quickly become a fashion statement to incorporate your bra into your outfit. A lot of times, it’s easier said than done, though, because everyone draws their own line between “too much skin” and “maybe I could show a little more.” If you’re trying to find your own line, and looking for ideas on how to show off your bra in your complete outfit, this list will definitely help you out!

1. Wear Bras You Want People to See

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The first, and in my opinion, most obvious step to incorporating your bra into your outfit is to get bras that you want people to see. You won’t exactly be clamoring to figure out ways to show off your bra if you’re wearing that old dingy bra you’ve had for the past year. They don’t necessarily need to coordinate with the outfit you’re wearing, but that definitely doesn’t hurt either! If you’re looking for a variety of bras that won’t break the bank, check out H&M!

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