How to Jazz up a Plain T-Shirt to Make It Look Sexy ...

Who among us doesn’t love throwing on a t-shirt and getting on with the day? Admittedly, it’s not the sexiest thing on the planet. But it can be! That’s right! Your plain old t-shirts will never be the same once you know how to jazz them up. The best thing to start with is a fitted t-shirt in a basic color, rather than your stretched out old high school cheer t-shirt. Here’s how to make it fabulous!

1. Add a Statement Necklace

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When you’re wearing a necklace that has a big impact, it detracts from the plainness of your t-shirt and gives it some life at the same time. Choose a necklace that highlights the color of the shirt or one that complements its shade. That way, you look polished and put together, even if you are just wearing a t-shirt.

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