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How to Wear Wide-Leg Pants This Fall ...

By Jennifer

They're comfortable, chic, and so easy to wear! But wide-leg pants can be intimidating, so if you need a little street-style inspo to get you ready to try the trend, read on, gorgeous!

1 Swipe Jessica's Style

clothing,spring,fashion,season,bridal clothing,Source: The Top 7 Most Influential

2 Borrow Victoria's Look

white,clothing,spring,dress,fashion,Source: March 24, 2014

3 Casual Boho Denim

clothing,lady,footwear,dress,fur,Source: Fall’s Flare Jeans Fashion

4 Wonderful in White

white,photograph,clothing,woman,human positions,Source: Abandon Your Skinny Jeans —

5 Black Tank Top with White Trousers

white,clothing,footwear,dress,spring,Source: The Ultimate Guide On How

6 Pretty in Pink

clothing,pink,fashion,season,dress,Source: How to Match Your Palazzo

7 Floral Print


8 Work Trousers

clothing,photography,beauty,footwear,leg,Source: 25 Tips on How to Get Skinnier Legs in a Week ... @Sophia

9 White Trousers with a Crop Top

white,photograph,clothing,image,blue,Source: WHITE TAILOR PANTS Dresses Women

10 Add Stripes

clothing,pattern,outerwear,fashion,spring,Source: The HONEYBEE: Simple Stripes

11 High Waist with a Blouse Tucked in

white,clothing,blue,formal wear,dress,Source: Style Pantry Long Sleeve Faux

12 With a Tied Waist

dress,clothing,black,sleeve,gown,Source: Martin Grant Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion

13 Get Tweedy

clothing,human positions,fashion,spring,leg,Source: Style Pantry Crew Neck Sweatshirt

14 Slightly Cropped

white,photograph,clothing,human positions,dress,Source: out of fear and wonder

15 Add a Narrow Belt & Statement Necklace

clothing,dress,spring,fashion,formal wear,Source: One of a Few

16 Cropped at the Ankle

clothing,dress,spring,fashion,winter,Source: Cute Spring Date Outfit Ideas

17 Add a Blazer

clothing,outerwear,sleeve,fashion,spring,Source: 11 Work Outfits That Are

18 Ready for Work

white,clothing,jeans,denim,sleeve,Source: Five Days, Five Looks, One

19 Perfect Peplum on Top, and You're Office-ready

clothing,red,jeans,footwear,leather,Source: Tips for Wearing Wide Legged

20 Menswear-inspired

clothing,dress,Source: Top 40 Black Female Fashion

21 Add Some Color


22 Basic Beige

clothing,lady,beauty,girl,leg,Source: The Ultimate Guide On How

23 With a Cuffed Hem

clothing,dress,spring,gown,fashion,Source: Style Tips for Wearing Monochrome

24 A Bold Pattern

white,clothing,pattern,spring,sleeve,Source: Patterned Pants: 20 Outfit Inspiration

25 A Perfect Fit!

clothing,jeans,fashion,leg,trousers,Source: Style Pantry Fitted Denim Shirt

26 What an Outfit!

clothing,road,fashion,spring,street,Source: Garment Groom Stain Remover

27 Olivia's so Stylish!


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