8 Key Essentials You Need to Rock Marvelous Mod Fashion ...


8 Key Essentials You Need to Rock Marvelous Mod Fashion ...
8 Key Essentials You Need to Rock Marvelous Mod Fashion ...

If you're really into retro and want to embrace some new takes on one of the most popular trends ever, I've got some marvelous mod fashion essentials. I love the mod look of the late '50s and early '60s, from the Mary Quant looks for the girls to the Teddy Boy inspired apparel for the guys. If you want to embrace your inner mod child and pretend like you're an Andy Warhol muse, just start incorporating these mod fashion essentials into your wardrobe – and don't be afraid to give them a modern mod update!

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Abstract and Artistic Prints

Abstract and Artistic Prints Abstract prints and optical art patterns are both mod fashion essentials. Bright geometric designs and bold patterns that draw the eye ensure that you're rocking the mod fashion the way it was meant to be rocked. This shift style dress from ModCloth can be yours for $57.99, but you can also look for inspired prints at ASOS, Forever 21, and many other places. The black and white palette is a sure shot as well.


Mod fashion is a style of clothing that originated in 1960s Britain and was heavily influenced by the modernist art movement. It is characterized by bright colors, geometric shapes, and bold prints. Popular items include shift dresses, A-line skirts, and tailored suits. Accessories such as go-go boots, mini skirts, and chunky jewelry are also essential to the mod look. To complete your mod ensemble, opt for abstract and artistic prints. These prints can be found in various stores like ModCloth, ASOS, and Forever 21. Mod fashion is a great way to stand out and make a statement with your look.


Many Mini Skirts

Many Mini Skirts Of course mini skirts are mod! Mary Quant helped bring these to the fore, replacing below-the-knee skirts with adorable flared pieces that showed off lots of leg. While straighter, closer fitting skirts work well too, try to get something with a little flare, even if it's as subtle as the one seen here. You can get this mini skirt from ASOS for $59.40 but there are many more affordable pieces at all your favorite shops and boutiques, with and without pleats.


A Pretty Peter Pan Blouse

A Pretty Peter Pan Blouse The Peter Pan collar is actually having a moment again, so you can find blouses, cardigans, dresses, and coats everywhere. I love this gorgeous sleeveless polka dot piece from Ruche, and it's a steal for only $28.99. However, there are Peter Pan collars galore at ModCloth, Nordstrom, Macy's, and many other top spots.


Three-Quarter Coats

Three-Quarter Coats You're probably not thinking about coats right now, but if you want to prepare yourself for fall and winter, just remember that longer, three-quarter coats are mod all over. You may go for cape coats or a cocoon shape, seen here in the ASOS Geo Pattern Coat. It costs $135.76, which isn't bad for quality outerwear, but you can find lots of others in various colors and patterns from Ruche, ModCloth, and Topshop.


Sky High Boots

Sky High Boots Remember, these boots are made for walking. With mod, the higher, the better. Paired with a shift dress or an adorable mini and cardigan combo, thigh-highs take on a whole new vibe. These Stuart Weitzman boots will set you back nearly $600, but don't worry. You can find mod-friendly boots from Zappos, Nordstrom, and even Payless for, well, way less!


Bright Colors

Bright Colors Actually, tights are a big part of mod fashion themselves; these pink tights from Topshop just combine the signature bright colors too. You can find tights anywhere, usually for much less than $12, and you can incorporate bright colors into your dresses, blouses, bags, or skirts.


A Sweet Shift Dress

A Sweet Shift Dress The shift dress is an iconic aspect of mod fashion, and one of my personal favorites. A-lines and sheathes are just so indicative of the style, you really can't go wrong. Remember that short hems and long sleeves make a really dynamic picture, but I love the sleeveless aspect of ModCloth's Canopy True? Dress too. It's a very affordable $36.99 right now, but you can find all sorts of other styles here and at other vintage-inspired shops, like Ruche.


Cute Kitten Heels

Cute Kitten Heels Back to footwear, if high boots aren't your thing, turn to kitten heels! They work with minis, shift dresses, cardigans, Peter Pan tops, and even those too-cute coats. If you can find a Mary Jane inspired pair, such as these Gabriella Rocha Ginger heels, so much the better. They're $65 from Zappos, but you can find lovely, less costly pairs at all your favorite shoe shops.

I adore vintage and retro fashions most of all, but while I love the lush extravagance of, say, the 1920s, something about mod fashion really speaks to me. Don't forget about the must-have accessories either, like lots of eyeliner and oversized sunglasses. And don't be afraid to make this look yours! Remember, fashion is all about channeling your own style. What do you like best about mod fashion?

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