7 Styling Tips for Choosing a Female Tuxedo ...

As Heather and I plan our wedding, I'm in the midst of choosing a female tuxedo. With menswear inspired trends all the rage, of course, you don't have to attend a formal function or get married yourself to enjoy the fabulous, tailored appeal of female suits and tuxedos, but you should have some fundamental styling tips. You really have to know your body, and believe me, β€œtailored” is a key aspect in choosing a female tuxedo. Take a look, and feel free to share your own tips – Heather's gonna knock everybody dead in her dress, I've got to live up to her stunning standards!

1. Get Your Exact Measurements

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Probably the most important aspect of choosing a female tuxedo is knowing your exact measurements. Not many women do, yours truly included, but it's so imperative – unless you like the idea of slumping shoulders, long arms, and too-tight trousers. Obviously men's body shapes are much different, so never think you can go out and buy a man's tux. Get your measurements taken, not just your bust and your hips, but also your shoulders and your in-seams. You want your tux to look stunning!

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