8 Easy Ways to Add More Color to Your Wardrobe ...


8 Easy Ways to Add More Color to Your Wardrobe ...
8 Easy Ways to Add More Color to Your Wardrobe ...

There are lots of simple ways to add more color to your wardrobe. Perhaps you tend to stick to black, and think it's time for a change. However, you might be uncertain about which colors suit you, or be nervous about wearing too much color. But you can easily add that splash of color without being too bold. So try these easy ways to add more color to your wardrobe …

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One of the best ways to add more color to your wardrobe is with a bag. Many of us carry a basic black or brown bag. These neutral colors go with everything, but although they're practical, they're also rather dull. So why not try a red, yellow or green bag instead?



Scarves offer endless possibilities for adding color to an outfit. You can have patterns, stripes or block colors. What's more, scarves are cheap and found everywhere, so you can afford to have several in your wardrobe. They're also a simple way to change an outfit. Pack some when you travel and you can easily vary a basic dress.



Again, necklaces offer countless possibilities for adding a bright splash of color. You could even make one yourself to get just the right shade. Bead shops have a huge variety of tones, and you could have great fun playing around with them until you get the right combination.



Hats should be much more popular. They're fun to wear and keep your head warm (or cool, depending on the season). You can also use them to add color, whether it's the hat itself or the decoration. If you have a plain hat, try adding color with a band or a pretty pin.


Colorful Coat

Bags are like coats; we often stick to neutral colors, so that the coat goes with everything. A brightly colored coat can really make an impact however. Think of jewel colors like red or green - it'll really brighten up the cold, dark winter months! If you're really bold, look for a patterned coat.



Lipstick not only boosts your mood, it also brings a welcome touch of color to your outfit. Just think of how striking red lipstick looks when paired with a black dress. There may not be as many color options as with scarves or hats, but lipstick is still a great option.



Do you think that you don't suit certain colors? Does that mean that you stick to a very limited range of shades? There is a way that you can introduce the 'wrong' colors into your wardrobe. Color can look better if it's not close to your face, so you may find that you can wear a particular color in pants but not in a top.



Shoes are a fabulous way of brightening up your wardrobe. They're perhaps the best way of adding color to a neutral outfit if you're nervous about wearing bright shades. In summer, a bright pair of sandals looks great with a white dress, and casual deck shoes with jeans.

Neutral shades are certainly a practical element of any wardrobe, but at times you long to bring some color into your life. Colors make you feel more cheerful. You may think that color doesn't suit you, but that's probably because you haven't identified the right ones for you. Try holding colors against your face and see which ones look good. Does your closet look like a rainbow, or do you never wear anything but black?

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I just recently bought an orange handbag, completely different from any one I've ever bought and I absolutely love it! I was surprised how well it goes with everything I wear.

I'm used to some color but normally I would always wear like, a colored top with jeans or a black skirt, or if I was wearing color on bottom i would wear white on top. But lately I've been wearing like, mint shorts with a pink top or something fun like that!

Thanks a lot! I am really bored of my color scheme (black, white, gray and red). I want to have a colorful wardrobe but I don't want to look like a clown >_< So these tips come in handy.

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