7 Key Wardrobe Pieces for Your Summer Internship ...


7 Key Wardrobe Pieces for Your Summer Internship ...
7 Key Wardrobe Pieces for Your Summer Internship ...

You might be super stoked to start your summer internship, but in order to get your wardrobe office-ready, you might want to add in some key pieces for your summer internship. These pieces are all versatile, professional, and chic. It is important to wear clothing that is well tailored and conservative. No matter what field you are going into, having a professional look is important for giving off the right image and putting your best foot forward, so check out these key pieces for your summer internship.

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Clean Cut Blazer

Clean Cut Blazer Of all of the key pieces for your summer internship, a sharp and well fitting blazer might be among the top ones. It is among the most versatile wardrobe staples and can be worn with a variety of outfits. Pair it with a button down and pencil skirt for a classic office look. Or you can have a bit more fun with it and layer it on top of a conservative but fun dress to spice up your internship wardrobe. As with most blazers, the fit is key, so think about getting yours tailored to get the best fit possible.


Crisp Button down

Crisp Button down You might be thinking that button downs are reserved for men, but think again. They are professional yet stylish, and can work with almost every outfit you can imagine. For a more professional look, add some dress pants, or throw it on with some dark jeans and heels if you are in a less conservative office and can have some fun with your look.


Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt There is never a wrong time to wear a pencil skirt during your summer internship. The pieces for your summer internship must be versatile and nothing is more versatile than a well-fitted pencil skirt. It can contribute to the classic office outfit, or you can wear it for a night out with the girls by adding in a fun top and some heels.


Dress Pants

Dress Pants A great alternative to a pencil skirt is a nice pair of dress pants. They can literally be paired with any shirt to create an office-appropriate outfit. I wore dress pants almost every day at my internship last summer and they were amazing. They are comfortable, fit well, and give you a professional look you are going to want at the workplace.



Cardigan Find a cardigan you love, and then buy it in every color. Cardigans are a great way to cover up and look conservative at the office, but they can also be used to add some color into your basic office wardrobe. While a white button down with a black pencil skirt is a great outfit for work, adding in a colorful cardigan is an office-appropriate way to make your outfit stand out during the workday.


Comfy Shoes

Comfy Shoes While you might want to go full-blown Carrie Bradshaw and wear stilettos everyday, the office is no place for that. You will most likely be running around doing errands and standing on your feet all day. The last thing you want is for your feet to be killing you and distracting you from working hard. If you still want to wear heels, try something less dramatic like a kitten heel. However, I would personally recommend flats for the office.


Something of Your Own

Something of Your Own Just because you are in a professional setting does not mean you have to throw away your own personal sense of style. Let your personality shine through with some jewelry or a bag. As long as it is not too outlandish, don’t be afraid to have fun with accessories. Just make sure you are not going over the type to the point where you start to look unprofessional.

These key pieces for your summer internship might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people struggle to find the right clothing for work. No matter what you wear to your office, make sure it fits you well, flatters your figure, and does not give off the wrong image. And most importantly, make sure you feel confident. If you don’t feel confident in the clothes you are wearing, you won’t feel confident in the work you are producing. What did you think about these key pieces for your summer internship? What are some other wardrobe stables for your summer internship? What have you worn to your summer internship?

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Interesting clothes. I like the old fashion look. Amazing!!

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