7 Summer Approved Color Combinations for Your Wardrobe ...


7 Summer Approved Color Combinations for Your Wardrobe ...
7 Summer Approved Color Combinations for Your Wardrobe ...

Summer is time to hit the beach, enjoy the sunlight, and wear these totally adorable summer color combinations for your wardrobe. Summertime is all about light and playful colors that you can't wear as easily during the winter. No matter how you wear these color combinations for your wardrobe, you are sure to be summer ready at all times.

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Lemon & Light Blue

Lemon & Light Blue One of the most adorable summer approved color combinations for your wardrobe is lemon yellow and light blue. The lemon yellow is the perfect way to show your sunny side, while cool light blue balances it out. A yellow cardigan with some blue statement jewelry is the perfect way to balance these two colors together.


Pink & Green

Pink & Green Watermelon is the unofficial fruit of summer, so why not pay homage to it with this delicious color combo? You can go bolder with a brighter pink and green or have a subtler effect with some pastels. Either way, you will be a knockout in pink and green.


Red, White, & Blue

Red, White, & Blue Just because the Fourth of July is over doesn’t mean you wardrobe has to lose its American pride. Red, white, and blue is a great color combination for the whole summer. It is as simple as jean shorts with a white tank top and red jewelry. You can also go all out and have a red, white, and blue dress complete with shoes and accessories.


Coral & Turquoise

Coral & Turquoise This color combination is totally beach approved. The brightness of the coral is balanced by the lighter turquoise. This is the perfect color combination for a day at the beach or a night out on the town to make a statement.


Sage & Lavender

Sage & Lavender If you are trying to stay away from brighter colors this summer, try sage and lavender. They are subtle yet perfectly suited for one another. The sage is closer to a neutral shade while the lavender pops against it.


Any Neon Color & White

Any Neon Color & White Summer is all about pops of color, and what better way to have a pop of color than neon? You have to be careful with neon because it can be overpowering. Pair it with white to look chic and really have the neon stand out against the outfit. The best way to wear this color combo is to wear mostly white and then have a neon accent like a shirt or some statement jewelry.


Light Blue & Green

Light Blue & Green Take a page from the ocean with this color combination. Blue and green have always been a great color combo, but you should really take advantage of that this summer. You can wear equal amounts of both colors to have a bolder look, or you can wear mostly one color and have the other be an accent. Either way, you will shine in light blue and green this summer.

These color combinations are the perfect way to look fantastic all summer. You can balance them out equally or focus on one color and have accents in the other. Either way, these color combinations will take you from the beach to work to date night. What did you think of these color combinations for your wardrobe? What are some other great color combinations for summer? What makes a color perfect to wear during summer?

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