7 Summer Sweaters That Are Light Enough to Wear to the Beach ...


7 Summer Sweaters That Are Light Enough to Wear to the Beach ...
7 Summer Sweaters That Are Light Enough to Wear to the Beach ...

When you hear the word summer, you may not think of wearing summer sweaters. However, if you are by the windy beach a lot, sweaters and hoodies are must-have items. The water will cool you off on a typical summer day, but when the wind picks up you can feel outright cold. To survive chilly beach breeze without getting too hot, try some of these summer sweaters out.

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Wing It Sweater

Wing It Sweater This sweater is so beautiful, and the white color is the essence of summer sweaters. The gorgeous wing detail will have you looking relaxed and stylish at the same time. There are also holes at the bottom for better ventilation, keeping you cool while wearing this. It is available in neon pink, neon yellow, light blue, and black as well. Because of the white color, it would be lovely to pair a neon bandeau or bikini underneath it at the beach. You can buy this lovely sweater on tobi.com for only $44.


Just My Stripe Blue and White Striped Sweater

Just My Stripe Blue and White Striped Sweater The sheer fabric of this sweater is ideal for summer. It is also open knit and unlined, making it as beach-friendly as possible. As shown, the sleeves roll up so that you don’t get too hot when you’re at the beach. I love that the stripes remind me of summer sailing and boat rides. In fact, this would be a great sweater for those breezy rides! This is available on lulus.com.


Open-Stitch Cover-up Sweater

Open-Stitch Cover-up Sweater Designed as a beach cover up and sweater combo, this summery piece will take care of all your beach needs. The fabric is mesh and open-stich, which means no more sweating it out in your beach cover up! It also has an off the shoulder feature, so that you can have a cute look that will cool you off even further. There are other color options as well, including Marilyn pink, black, and white. To buy, go to victoriassecret.com and the color shown is aqua glass.


Micro-Stripe Open-Knit Sweater

Micro-Stripe Open-Knit Sweater You will attract attention with this neon yellow sweater by Forever 21! Besides the fabulous color that screams summer, this sweater is effective at keeping you the right temperature. It is lightweight, sheer, and unlined so you don’t get too hot. At the same time, it still offers enough protection from breezy summer nights. The three quarter length sleeve is just right for this, because it doesn’t make you too hot or too cold. What’s the best part? It only costs $13.80 at forever21.com!


Element X Jac Vanek Slacker Sweater

Element X Jac Vanek Slacker Sweater I absolutely love this sweater. It is perfect for those chilly days when you are lounging at the beach. The incredibly comfortable soft-knit material is amazing for keeping you cozy. You can pull it up to three quarters like the picture shown if you are worried about getting too overheated from it. Its message “take it easy” exactly describes what it’s like to spend a day at the beach, which is great! It is available on pacsun.com.


Shaggy Knit Pullover

Shaggy Knit Pullover If the deep aqua color of this sweater doesn’t get you in the beach time mood, I don’t know what will. The exact color shown is turquoise, but it is available in 9 other colors too! The V-neck and off the shoulder style of this sweater make it easy for you to show off a cute bikini underneath. It also keeps you cool with the more revealing shoulder, and with its shaggy material. You can buy this sweater on freepeople.com.


Happy Heart Lennon Sweater

Happy Heart Lennon Sweater There are vintage, rough edges on this sweater making it a nice piece of retro beachwear. It is made from a loose-knit fabric with a heart in the center and one on each sleeve. The adorable hearts will make you feel great (the name for this sweater is spot-on!) too. This is supposed to be a baggy sweater, which means it won’t be so constricting to overheat you. It is still good for windy beach days though, because of its knit material. If you want to purchase it, go to obaz.com.

Even if you don’t get to the beach very often, a lightweight sweater can be a useful staple when temperatures drop during the evening. They are great paired over a bikini for lounging in, making them proper summer beach apparel. Does it get cold enough in the summer for you to wear a light sweater where you live?

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Sweeters in this Puertorrican hot and humid weather?? no way!

#2,6,7 are really lovely

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