Cute Fashion Inspo for the Holiday Season ...

It’s always such a pain trying to think of cute outfits for the holiday season. We spend so much time celebrating with different people that sometimes it feels like we could never have enough time to plan cute outfits for the holiday season. However, with this list, you won’t have to spend any time thinking of cute outfits, because you can just refer to this list before your next holiday party!

1. Burgundy and White

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For some reason, I really love burgundy this season. I have a feeling it’s because the color is just about everywhere you look this holiday season. As a result, pairing burgundy skinny jeans with an oversized white sweater, along with your favorite scarf or necklace, is an easy outfit to pull together last minute on Christmas or New Year's Eve. If you have a laidback holiday with your close family, this outfit is perfect for you! This is one of my favorite cute outfits for the holiday season, so I’m sure I’ll be wearing some variation of it during the holidays!

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