42 Knitted Hats to Keep You Cozy This Winter ...

By Neecey

42 Knitted Hats to Keep You Cozy This Winter ...

It's important to keep your head warm in the winter and freezing cold ears are never much fun, so knitted hats are a great solution. But you want them to look good too. Knitted hats come in a range of styles and a mass of color variations so you're sure to find one to suit. Maybe the one you're looking for is among these:

1 Crochet Slouchy Beanie

Cuteling on Etsy
Price: $35.00
Slouchie beanies are among the most popular knitted hats. There's so many variations of patterns and colors in knitted and crochet versions.

2 Red Tweed Slouch Hat Women

Johanna Crafts
Price: $46.00
There's something about chunky knits that you just know they're going to be warm.

3 Slouchy Pompom Beanie

Warm & Soft
Price: $29.00
Do you like your beanie avec pompom or sans pompom?

4 Oversized Baggy Gray Cabled Hat

Lacywork on Etsy
Price: $59.99
A pale grey knitted hat will go with any winter outfit.

5 Skully Winter Cap Hat

Price: $3.62
Well that tells it like it is!

6 Ski Mask Face Mask Hat

GrahamsBazaar on Etsy
Price: $34.99
No it's not a fake beard hat! Winter sports gals will appreciate this!

7 Slightly Slouchy Hat

EmofoFashion on Etsy
Price: $28.00
Knitted hats can be slouchy without being oversized.

8 Crochet Winter Beanie

charmcrown on eBay
Price: $5.69
What do you see? Devil horns or cat ears?

9 Hand Knit Fall Winter Hat

Price: $29.00
This is - unsurprisingly - called the Dutch Girl Hat.

10 Winter Peaked Hat

slouchiehats on Etsy
Price: $45.00
Style copied from hats worn by newsboys or bakers.

11 Cable Beanie

Price: $40.00
Thick yarn to keep your ears toasty.

12 Wool Headband

snow-bear1990 on eBay
Price: $3.99
Perhaps you prefer not to wear a full hat?

13 Tribal Rasta Hat

Price: $55.00
I love the muted rainbow colors.

14 Jockey Winter Cap

Price: $42.00
Keeps your head warm and any winter sun out of your eyes.

15 Crochet Cloche

Price: $40.00
This comes in some fabulous color variations.

16 Orange Tatarka Hand Knitted Hat

Price: $42.00
Straps to keep the hat on tight in high winds.

18 Fur Pom Pom Beanie

myfashioncreations on Etsy
Price: $28.99
The listing doesn't state if the pom pom is real fur so best to check before ordering.

19 Pink Knitted Beanie

Love Jubilee
Price: $22.00
The ribbon is a special feminine touch.

20 Cat Woman Hat

GrahamsBazaar on Etsy
Price: $25.00
Are you a feline fan?

21 Icelandic Wool Alpaca Beanie

GrahamsBazaar on Etsy
Price: $47.99
You just know this is going to be super warm.

22 Cable Knit Hat

Ebruk on Etsy
Price: $50.00
Loving the details on this.

24 Long Tassels Beanie Hat

Price: $13.90
You've got to have a tassel or two.

25 Multi Neon Color Block Beanie

Price: $11.90
Something to brighten up dull wintry days.

27 Heart Snowflake Fully Lined Knit Winter Hat

Sakkas Store
Price: $10.99
Lined, ear flaps and straps - all the extras for extra warmth.

28 Skull Knit Hat in Black and White

beyazdukkan on Etsy
Price: $25.00
Great - if skulls are your kinda thing.

29 Hipster Beanie

bootsocksco on Etsy
Price: $21.99
This would look good on the ski slopes.

30 Knit Brim Hat

GrahamsBazaar on Etsy
Price: $49.99
The brim adds a little something to a regular pom pom beanie.

31 Crochet Knit Pom Pom Slouchy Beanie

morehats on eBay
Price: $6.99
What a fabulous range of colors.

32 Crochet Brim Beanie

GrahamsBazaar on Etsy
Price: $39.99
The definition of cute.

33 Lacy Slouchy Hat

Price: $37.38
A pretty lacy pattern and you can't go wrong with winter white.

34 The Soufflé Beret Hat

DenizKumu2 on Etsy
Price: $20.00
Love the name and it looks good enough to eat!

35 Winter Set

NataNatastudio on Etsy
Price: $57.00
Take your accessories to another level with a matching set. And how cute is that ribbon bow?

36 Bear Hat Hooded Cowl Scarf

GrahamsBazaar on Etsy
Price: $45.00
Does this suit your sense of humor?

37 Crochet Button Hat

GrahamsBazaar on Etsy
Price: $39.99
This is one of my favorites.

38 Slouchy Hat

DenizKumu2 on Etsy
Price: $25.00
This chunky pattern stands out among the others.

39 Teal & Red Hat

TheMastHatter on Etsy
Price: $75.00
Nice if you prefer a smaller style.

40 Purple Knitted Hat

Price: $34.00
A touch of vintage style.

41 Dark Coral Slouchy Hat

DenizKumu2 on Etsy
Price: $35.00
A true pop of color.

42 Crochet Pom Pom Hat

Price: $32.00
A hat and scarf in the same item.

Is a knitted hat your go-to accessory to keeping warm in winter?

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