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19 Cozy Leg Warmers for Fall and Winter This Year ...

By Eliza

I love leg warmers! More for their looks than their function, though. Are you with me? Leg warmers are super trendy right now and look so adorable with tall boots. They make the perfect addition to any girl's wardrobe for fall and winter. You can load an entire drawer with them and still have a hard time choosing which pair to wear when you get dressed in the morning. No matter how many pairs of leg warmers you already have, you are going to love these too. Get ready for serious shopping!

1 Winter Theme

I love wintery feel of these leg warmers. Which color combination is your favorite? I think I love the red ones best.

2 Ruffles and Lace

Ruffles and LaceVia MUST HAVE knee high socks ...
Go totally feminine with these sock/leg warmers that have ruffly lace around the top edge. They'd be perfect with a skirt.


Happiest flowers

Ridiculous shoes

3 Knitted Boot Cuffs

Knitted Boot CuffsVia Lace Boot Socks, Boot Topper, ...
Of course, you can always go for boot cuffs that give the illusion of leg warmers. They look like the real deal don't they?

4 Pointelle Leg Warmers

Pointelle Leg WarmersVia Free People Pointelle Legwarmer
These are super cute and aren't as hot as some of the chunkier versions out there. I think they would look great with skinny jeans.

5 Aztec Tribal Print

Aztec Tribal PrintVia Standout Southwestern Infinity Scarf Tribal ...
Most leg warmers come in solid patterns, but these printed ones are absolutely fabulous! What would you wear them with?

6 With Low Boots

With Low BootsVia Pinterest faves of the Week ...
Leg warmers can easily be paired with low boots just as easily as they can with tall ones.

7 Knitted Lace Band with Bow

Knitted Lace Band with BowVia Items similar to Knitted Lace ...
I definitely need to add these to my collection. Though I'd pair them with black boots rather than brown ones.

8 Baby Leg Warmers

Baby Leg WarmersVia Ready to ship- 0-6 month ...
Grab these for your little one. I wish they made them in bigger sizes because they're super cute, don't you think?

9 White Sweater

White SweaterVia Winter Boot Cuffs - Knit ...
These look like my favorite white winter sweater. So adorable with the brown boots, but they'd pair well with black ones too.

10 Coral Lacy Knitted Button down

Coral Lacy Knitted Button downVia Gray Lace Boot Socks, Socks ...
No girl's wardrobe is complete without a pair of pinky colored leg warmers. I love the buttons and the white trim. What do you think?

11 Lace Ombre

Lace OmbreVia Ombre Leg Warmers
Indulge your love of the ombre trend with these really adorable legwarmers. You could probably find them in any color if you look online.

12 Cream Knit

Cream KnitVia Must Have Cream knit Leg ...
I love the color and the button! What do you think of these? They would be awesome with tall brown or black boots.

13 Bright Turquoise

Bright TurquoiseVia Leg Warmers - Dance Til ...
These are my absolute favorite. The color is fabulous and they look wonderful with the heels.

14 Riding Boots with Leg Warmers

Riding Boots with Leg WarmersVia Cents of Style Fashion Friday ...
See? You really can wear leg warmers with virtually any style of boots and still look super trendy and fabulous.

15 Matched up

Matched upVia Trending Fall Fashions for Women
Choose leg warmers that match your sweater for a cohesive look that everyone will love.

16 Slouchy Leg Warmers

Slouchy Leg WarmersVia slouchy leg warmers
This slouchy look is different, but it's really cute with these furry boots.

17 Woven Ribbon Bow

Woven Ribbon BowVia Ombre Leg warmers : Mint ...
The way this ribbon bow weaves through the leg warmer is adorable. The boots are pretty fantastic too.

18 Simple Ballet Leg Warmers

Simple Ballet Leg WarmersVia easy-Peasy Leg Warmers by TheWittyKnitter ...
Even if you're not a ballerina, you could pair these leg warmers with a pair of tights and a skirt.

19 Bunched up

The way these leg warmers are bunched up make them look super cozy and cute.

Do you wear leg warmers? They are probably one of my very favorite cold weather accessories. You can really add personality and fun to your look by adding a pair under your boots. I also love the way they look with heels. Which pair is your favorite?

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