Give Your Sweater Dress a Twist This Winter ...

There are multiple ways to wear a sweater dress so you can look fabulous all winter long. You don't want to sacrifice your beauty for comfort, which is why these outfits are your best options. You can still stay fashionable while you're wearing enough fabric to keep warm. Here are some of the cutest ways to wear a sweater dress during cold days:

1. Leggings

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We already know that leggings are more comfortable than jeans, but they can actually be warmer, as well. As long as you purchase the right material, your legs won't be shaking from the cold. One of the ways to wear a sweater dress is by pairing it with a thick pair of leggings. If you buy them in a few different colors, then you can wear the dress again and again without looking like you're repeating outfits.

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