6 Knockout Reasons to Buy LuLaRoe Alternatives ...


6 Knockout Reasons to Buy LuLaRoe Alternatives ...
6 Knockout Reasons to Buy LuLaRoe Alternatives ...

In my search for LuLaRoe alternatives I finally hit the jackpot. I found great buttery soft leggings and gorgeous prints that LuLaRoe is so famous for at nearly 1/3rd the price. Let me be honest here: I am a frugal person. I love spending on my family but not so much on myself; at least not on clothes. Also, I could not justify paying $30 on leggings especially when there were other options. So let me tell you all about my search for leggings and clothing similar to LuLaRoe.

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Home Sale Parties – Not for the Frugal Minded

Until recently, I was a member of the LuLaRoe pop up parties. In the beginning, I liked all the action I got on those Facebook groups, but overtime, it started getting too much. I started realizing that they were very bad for the budget and many times, one ended with defective products despite paying all that money. So I started looking out for alternatives to those buttery soft, ultra stretchy tops, tunics and leggings that LLR or LuLaRoe was so famous for.


Super Frugal LuLaRoe Alternatives

Yes, there are many clothes like LuLaRoe but cheaper - you only need look in the right place. Many of these are available on Amazon where you can get them in different sizes and nearly 40 different colours. The best part about buying LuLaRoe alternatives on retailers like Amazon is that you do not have to waste time on those Facebook groups or search all over town for the prints you like. Just sit back, click on the product you like, select your size and you are done!


Plain Black Leggings- Unheard of in LuLaRoe!

I like LuLaRoe leggings but while you can get them in every colour and print imaginable, you cannot get them in solid black. And to be honest, I need solid black leggings since I have tunics in different colours that go well with black. So I was a bit disappointed when I found out that LuLaRoe did not keep them. Thankfully, many LuLaRoe alternatives are available in solid black and they are as buttery soft as well.


Holiday Prints at Half the Price

LuLaRoe leggings and tunics in Halloween, Christmas, and other holiday prints are awesome but they are expensive. You can readily get similar prints from other brands and not even have to shell out as much money as you would on the original stuff. Many LuLaRoe popup parties run out of poplar holiday prints. This is not the case with the alternative brands as they are well stocked and you do not have to bid or fight with anyone for them!


No Defects

If you have been following LuLaRoe then you might have heard about the latest series of defects in their products. One lady has even brought a lawsuit against the company stating that their manufacturing process renders the fabrics weak causing them to tear at the seams. The company is even known to refuse refunds and many have complained about their lack of response on their social media.


Bonus Tips

So let me summarise the top reasons why you should buy LuLaRoe alternatives:
• LuLaRoe alternatives are cheaper.
• You can get great solid black leggings which are unheard of on LLR
• Holiday prints are readily available unlike that in LLR.
• You won’t get defective products or products that tear easily. If you do, you can easily return them for your full refund.
• And yes, you need not join any time consuming parties!

So if you want great clothes like LuLaRoe, head over to this article where you can find a detailed list of top quality LuLaRoe alternatives you will love.

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