31 Sustainable Fashion Brands to Shop if You Want to Be More Eco Friendly ...

By Rachelle

31 Sustainable Fashion Brands to Shop if You Want to Be More Eco Friendly ...

Are you looking for some sustainable fashion brands? There are many people who have switched to wearing eco-friendly clothing. What is more interesting is that these clothes are making fashion experts say, “green is the new black.” In fact, several designers are starting to go environmentally friendly in their brand because they know this is the best approach for achieving sustainable fashion while still helping to protect the environment. It’s no doubt, a new fashion revolution is emerging and it’s here to change the way we look at clothes. Here are the top 31 sustainable fashion brands to start following and shopping for.

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1 Stella McCartney

You may not know it, but this fashion designer is building an empire of her own when it comes to sustainability. All of her clothes are animal free and she alternately created her own vegetarian leather. Yes - that is vegetarian leather to be exact. Used from recycled polyester instead of Brazilian calf leather. Stella McCartney doesn’t use any fur or traditional leather in her products. Very luxurious and well put brand. Website: stellamccartney.com

2 H&M

Who doesn’t shop at H&M? Did you know this reputable brand of clothing has been taking sustainable approaches in their fashion pieces? In fact, each year H&M launches a Conscious Exclusive Collection that is built on sustainable style to promote the development toward a more sustainable approach. They have a goal to reach by 2020 of using cotton only from sustainable sources. Way to go H&M! Website: hm.com

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WAMA is a an amazing brand that revolutionizes natural fabric underwear industry. This brand developed its own unique hemp fabric. Hemp textiles have incredible health benefits, they are anti-bacterial, super soft and breathable. All of these characteristics make hemp a perfect material for lingerie and lounge pieces. Add obsessive attention to detail, stitching and fit and you end up with WAMA - the most perfect sustainable underwear brand out there!


ASOS is taking fashion to a whole new level. They have a section in their site on eco-friendly brands that are made from organic cotton, material, and clothing. Their business is committed to ethical sustainable work and dedicated to corporate responsibility. That is - they focus on reducing package waste by following their principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling products and conserving the carbon and energy of the environment by reducing carbon intensity every year until 2020. Check out their website: us.asos.com

5 People Tree

Another ethical and sustainable fashion brand that supports fair trade, social justice, and environmental networks. Their products are completely made organic and their method and materials have a low impact on the environment. Its materials and fibers are also hypoallergenic, meaning they don’t cause any allergy or irritation when it touches your skin. This is a great brand to consider to shop for sustainable fashion. Website: peopletree.co.uk

6 Zero + Maria Cornejo

This is a great brand to look at - it’s designed for women by women in sustainable fashion, of course! Yes, this brand is run exclusively by women who are committed to using ecological and sustainable fabrics, such as cotton and voiles. In fact, almost 85% of its garments are produced in the heart of New York’s garment district while the rest is produced in independently owned factories by women living in Italy, Bolivia, Peru, and China. Talk about girl power! Come see their website if interested in support of women workmanship: zeromariacornejo.com

7 Maiyet

This luxurious ethical brand has collected some exquisitely handcrafted details and rare fabrics such as silk to create an exceptional fashion. They partner with the best artisans all over the world such as those in India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mongolia, Peru, Bolivia, and Thailand. This sustainable luxury brand also works with FAIR—the world’s first ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable cashmere yarn in the world. Talk about luxury! Website: maiyet.com

8 Margu

If you’re into vintage style clothing then this might be the right place to shop. Sustainable in its line of fashion, Margu brings a balance of playful femininity and sophistication to its collection. Founded by Emily DeLong from Fayetteville, Arkansas her fabrics, notions, and trims come from around the world. Her passion to minimize the fashion industry’s environmental carbon footprint lets her continue to sell her brand and passion to make good eco-friendly clothing. Come see her website: margudesign.com


Famous for its shoes and “one for one” give back for every purchase, a new pair of shoes will be given to a child in need. This brand definitely offers sustainable and vegan materials in their products. They are made out of natural hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester. According to their site, all of their boxes are made from 80% used consumer waste and are printed with soy ink. Very thoughtful, TOMS! Website: toms.com

There are a lot of sustainable fashion brands to shop at. Here’s a list of other exceptional sustainable fashion brands to look for:

(Feel free to visit their website and learn about their stories of how they began. Until next time, see you soon!)

10 Cienne - ciennenewyork.com

11 Siizu - siizu.com

12 Tome NYC - tomenyc.com

13 Annaborgia - annaborgia.com

14 Edun - edun.com

15 Ankura - ankurabrand.com

16 Bamford Organics - bamford.com

17 Muzungu Sisters - muzungusisters.com

18 Dai London - daiwear.com

19 Mariana Jungmann - marianajungmann.com

20 Gillian June - gillianjune.com

21 Outland Denim - outlanddenim.com

22 Amour Vert - amourvert.com

23 Pact - wearpact.com

24 Alternative Apperal - wholesale.alternativeapparel.com

25 Everlane - everlane.com

26 Threads for Thought - threadsforthought.com

27 Thought Clothing - wearethought.com

28 ThredUp - thredup.com

29 Mata Traders - matatraders.com

30 Swap - swap.com

31 Tiffany & Co. - tiffany.com

What is your favorite brand in terms of sustainable fashion? Write a quick comment below and start following me! Thanks for reading.

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